HTC Jelly Bean Update List Gets Leaked


Sure HTC may be hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate, but at least it’s continuing to make its customers happy by providing guidance on which of its popular devices will be getting the coveted Jelly Bean update. According to a leaked update list from notorious leaker Football4PDA, owners of the following devices will get the Jelly Bean update… at some point:



This is exciting news indeed— though I’m sure owners of the above devices are eager to know when they will get the extensive update. Hopefully HTC doesn’t wait until even newer pieces of software is out before unleashing the Jelly Bean update to the masses.

source: GSMArena


  • Anders Fredriksson

    Surely HTC One X must be among the devices that will be updated to JB as well?

  • Saif

    Too slow. Developers can get ROMs out faster than those money hungry & lazy manufacturers.

  • sean_stewart

    I think One X was left off due to a lot of them already having it, so it’s assumed that the rest will get it.

  • Robstunner

    Dear everyone…. Evita is the one x.

    • Anders Fredriksson

      Well, almost at least.I’ts a variant ofcthe HOX

      • Robstunner

        It’s the us and Canada version


    What happened to HTC_SENSATION_4G__BY:_T-MOBILE__FR_2011/AUG/26 & SPRINT_HTC_EVO_3G_HD, His COUSIN??? Are We TOO OLD to get JELLY_BEAN_:'(¿