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Skype updated to version 3.0 for Android devices, adds tablet UI improvements

Skype released an update today that focuses on Microsoft’s move to use the service in place of Windows Live Messenger and to introduce improvements in the tablet experience. Skype’s tablet UI changes include little things like re-positioning navigation buttons and menus to better use the screen real estate afforded by tablet devices. The window for video is larger as well. However, early adopters of this new version are already complaining that the app forces the use of landscape mode.

Readers may already be familiar with Microsoft’s decision to abandon their Live Messenger application and move their user base over to Skype. To help with that change in direction, Skype now makes it possible to sign in to your Microsoft account. Besides the improvements to the tablet UI and easing the Microsoft login process, Skype also made improvements to audio quality and incorporated some bug fixes in this latest version. To get a copy or upgrade your existing install, use one of the Google Play download links below.

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