Android 4.2 thinks there are just 11 months in a year, omits December

The newest iteration of Android, version 4.2 Jelly Bean, seems to think there are just 11 months in a year, effectively leaving out December altogether. No presents? No Santa? What ever shall we do?

The updated People application found in the stock AOSP version of the software doesn’t allow users to select the 12th month of the year, meaning people who have birthdays, anniversaries or any other sort of special event around Christmas time aren’t able to have it recognized.

The issue has been reported to the official bug tracker and has already been acknowledged by Google. We’re expecting an update to Android 4.1.2 soon. Perhaps, before non-existent December rolls around?

Via: AndroidPolice
Source: Google 

  • lill

    It would most probably be known as 4.2.1. Definitely not 4.1.2 :P

  • rob

    Just looked on my Nexus 7 running 4.2…I have December in my calendar…so I sont think its 4.2…maybe just the nexuses in the US

    • mad_rao

      Oops…just checked my Galaxy Nexus as well as the Nexus 7, and no December on both! Methinks @rob is checking the calendar…Dec exists in the calendar app…this bug only comes up when you try adding an event for a contact through the People app.

    • Mohamed Sobhy

      I’m with Rob my Nexus 7 (running 4.2) got December just fine, maybe an app issue or something?

  • Silverwolf


  • Christian Bermejo

    Maybe it’s only a People app issue. Try installing an earlier version of the app to see if it is.