Deutsche Telekom approves T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger

by Winston Gordon on
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It was confirmed yesterday that MetroPCS and T-Mobile were in talks of a merger, now the deal has been approved. MetroPCS and their 9.3 million subscribers will be under the T-Mobile umbrella, headed by T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere. T-Mobile and MetroPCS have fewer subscribers than Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, but this deal will bring them to over 35 million customers. This isn’t the first time T-Mobile has tried a merger, but this deal seems more likely to go through, giving T-Mobile more subscribers and network coverage. Deutsche Telekom will have a large stake in the new company which may or may not diminish over time. Expect for this deal to be finalized early next year.

Source: The Verge

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  • Nudo

    I thought metro pcs was CDMA… anyone know?

  • robert

    And it is but I think they merging so t mobile can expand their 4gLte and metro got a few cities with 4g

    • Nudo

      Ahh good point