Samsung releases two more ‘Next Big Thing’ advertisements

There are many things that Android fans have in common. Indeed good taste in phones, great conversions, and support are among the common ones, but they also enjoy “bashing” Apple products in advertisements. The variety of people that watch television have probably seen Samsung’s new Galaxy S III ad, called “The Next Big Thing is Already Here“. The 90 second-long commercial features a simple story:

People are waiting in line for a new device (in this case the iPhone 5), and see Galaxy S III users showing off their features, like Android beam and the spacious 4.8″ display.

To go along with that, a man waiting in line is teased by iPhone fans that his “Galaxy S III didn’t work out for him”… while he is actually saving the spot in line for his parents.

The commericial is hilarious, and is worth checking out. But if you would rather watch a shorter segment, Samsung just revealed two, quick 30 second ads. Check them out below!

The only noticable differences between these ads and the 90 second version is a longer look at the conversation with the “parents”, as well as the blond girl asking when they will be able to do that thing (touching phones). Good fun Samsung!

What do you think of Samsung’s advertisement raid? Does it give you a good laugh? I would love to hear your comments.



About the Author: Will Gill

Will is an exciting writer, following his greatest obsession of Android media. Born and raised in New England, Will likes literature, movies, television, and the vast library of videogames. He is in his 2nd year of technology journalism, and would love to pursue it further, in the future. He currently sports a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, waiting for the arrival of the Note II.

  • Rashid Mohamed

    Really cool!!!! really enjoyed it …

  • techy

    a bit surprised with samsung coming back again this year (after losing lawsuit) with this kind of ads that makes fun of isheeps:) Happy they did it!!!
    Shows how aggressive they are to compete in market.
    Yes apple was an innovative brand. it “was” but not now. you can realise how innovative they are now by their own imaps!!!
    the smartphone hardware technology is almost saturated now. you cant expect any groundbreaking innovation in hardware department from any players now. But in case of software, there is way more to achieve for both apple and android. Its going to be the battle between operating systems now.

  • Craig

    Take that, iDouches!