Samsung unleashes the Galaxy S III edition of the “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” commercial

If you remember, last year Samsung started the “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” campaign shortly after the iPhone 4S was released. With the iPhone 5 about to hit stores, it’s no surprise that Samsung is at it again. This time it’s the Galaxy S III edition. In this 90 second spot, we see numerous iPhone fanboys and fangirls waiting ever so patiently in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles for their new iPhone. Of course the Galaxy S III crashes the party and the iSheep get a quick glimpse of S Beam and Share Shot, two features the iPhone 5 doesn’t have. As far as the conversations, Samsung reflected comments throughout culture and the media.

This commercial will air tonight during  “The Voice” on NBC and “The X-Factor” on Fox. Hit the break to see it.
  • rmc

    *thumbs up!*

  • Glad to see Apple hasn’t cowered Samsung into some corner.

  • cosmin

    isheep?all samsuck fans are idiots…

    • Samsuck… I see what you did there. Classy.

    • Redsaberz

      Iphone? No its Theirphone. No customization except a glittery case.. No swapable battery… A jacked up plug… And your just getting a bigger screen that still fall short of the s3?.. And you call us idiots? Haha

  • iFlop5

    iSheep! Baaaaaaaaaaaa! Baaaaaaahhd apple.

  • That Ad Was Brilliant… ^__^. Weve Had LTE For A While ^__^