Samsung Uses Twitter To Call Recent Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumor Bogus


You remember how we told you to take that whole Samsung Galaxy S IV rumor that surfaced yesterday? If you recall, we advised to our readers that they should take the rumor with a grain of salt and now it looks like we told you that for good reason. Samsung took to Twitter and confirmed the Korea Times claim of the next great superphone arriving at MWC 2013 utterly bogus. Here’s Samsung’s response which has been roughly translated:


Please note that some media reported speculation that the Galaxy S Ⅲ subsequent models will be released in a simple rumor is not true. … why spread these rumors?


So there you have it. We won’t see the next great Samsung superphone at MWC 2013, so life can go on and the major focus can be on the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II smartphones… for now.

source: Samsung Tomorrow (Twitter)

  • Nudo

    Lol Samsung is getting very engaged lately