Apple denied emergency ban on HTC phone imports

Remember when the HTC EVO 4G LTE launch was delayed because it was held up at customs thanks to Apple? It wasn’t just the EVO 4G LTE with issues as Apple claims other phones, including the One X, infringed on a patent order issued in December. After a short delay, the phones were accepted in the U.S., but as expected Apple is fighting back. Apparently they made an emergency request to have HTC phones denied at the U.S. border. Thankfully the U.S. International Trade Commission denied that request.

The patent in question was related to a pop up that appears when clicking on certain links. For example, if you click on an email address, a pop up would appear letting you choose if you want to send it via Gmail, the stock Email application, or some other email application you might have installed on your device. Back in December it was found that HTC violated this infringement and was issued an order to fix it. The interesting thing is they did fix it as you can see in our previous post. Apple is still not pleased and continues to try to block sales of HTC products here in the U.S.

I seriously don’t get it. Why does Apple continue to stoop to these levels? Eventually the mainstream press has to start looking at Apple in a more negative light.

source: businessweek



About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Wayne Brooker

    Yawn, the schoolyard bully strikes again. That said I suppose you can’t blame them wanting to protect ideas they had to go out and steal for themselves. Apple, you bore me, do something constructive for once.

    • leoingle

      Couldn’t agree more. Shit gets so old. I don’t see how the judges just haven’t told Apple to go eff theirselves.

  • nutz

    Haha apple is garbage ,scared of competition huh? Is horrible to see how miserable and childish this company has gotten ,sad,sad.

  • Train Wreck

    This is why I will not buy an iAnything. Instead of bettering their devices, they wait for others to develop the technology and then ‘reverse-engineer’ a loose tie in to an old patent they bought. Trolls, trolls indeed

  • Nila

    Um, I’m sorry but how was “choose which app to open this with” an iPhone feature?!?!?

    Windows has been doing this for YEARS with any extension it does not recognise. How does the patent for this suddenly belong to apple?!?