Google TV Platform Ready For Evolution, New Set-Top Boxes Will Stream Content From Smartphones And Tablets


Google TV continues to evolve at a pace faster than we can keep up. As you may already be familiar, Apple’s AirPlay allows owners of Apple TV devices to wirelessly stream content from Apple TV stations to iOS devices. Google has (finally) caught wind of this much-needed technology for its Android platform and has teamed up with set-top box manufacturer Honeywld to usher in a new feature for Google TV. While at Computex 2012, Google and Honeywld is currently displaying a new prototype Google TV box which will allow Android tablets and phones to push video and other content like photos to the set-top box, which allows a simple way for users to get content onto their TVs. Achieving this feat is rather simple too as all users need to do is install a special app on their devices which would allow the same devices to sync up with the set top box.

The set top box is not only real and on its way, but it comes fully loaded with nice features too. The box will feature a Marvell dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 4GB of flash memory, 1GB of RAM and oh yes— a heavy scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich. Honeywld should begin shipping the boxes in Taiwan around July and is expected to cost between $95 to $120, though there’s no word on if/when the boxes will arrive out here in the States at all. Here’s hoping the rest of us can get a taste of this much-improved Google TV box too.

source: IDG
via: The Verge