ASUS Teases Dual-Booting Android / Windows 8 Tablet for Computex [Video]

A couple days ago ASUS aired a teaser video for an announcements they plan to make at this year’s Computex. Simply calling it their “Next Transformations,” the original teaser video showed us an outline of what appeared to be a new entry in their line of Transformer Tab tablets and keyboard docks. Today, ASUS adds to the excitement by unveiling two more teaser videos, both of which help put the pieces together a little more.

In the first video you will see a series of water drops that eventually converge into one. What’s cool is that in the last sequence of the video one of the larger drops breaks apart to reveal both the Android and the Windows 8 logo separately. Clearly this means that the “Next Transformation” will actually be a dual booting tablet.

The second video isn’t as informative but more or less reiterates how two separate items can work well in conjunction when manipulated right. The words “tai” and “chi” spin around on a board until it spins fast enough to spell the word taichi. Clever, ASUS.

So there you have it. ASUS clearly has a dual booting Windows 8/Android tablet up their sleeve and plans to make a full reveal in only a few days during Computex 2012. ASUS is set to take the stage on June 4th so we should know everything about the kit very soon.

So, what are your thoughts on a dual booting tablet? Could any of you Android fanatics use a little Windows 8 in your life?

source: Android and Me 

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  • Curt

    that would be interesting, but to put hard core hardware into a tablet, then add costly windows to the mix, well, you will get an Android tablet that will be very expensive.

  • FreshFreddie

    I reckon it’s the infinity only, but with deep integration with cloud based windows os, much like onlive’s service. Just a thought….

  • Fritz Freund

    Adding Winblows will jack up the cost of the tablet. AND M$ is trying to force locked bootloaders for Windows 8. So it would make rooting and moding the tablet much harder. I understand the reason for dual booting a tablet, but dual boot it with Ubuntu for Android, not windows. At least it integrates correctly out of the box and runs on the same Kernel. The only reason for Windows would be to run windows only games and if you are hard set on joining it to an all Windows environment. Bad choice. ASUS started out well but with the TF200 issues and now dual booting windows… they need to rethink a few things.

    I would sell my TF200 and get one of these if it booted Ubuntu on Android…

  • Kary Krismer

    I like the idea because the Windows side will have more capabilities (e.g. run Office, Quicken, etc.), but you’ll have the Android side (and speed) for most of what you do.

  • Shreyash Nigam

    iOS is better than windows 8 and android but if android and win8 team together, no iOS device could defeat them

  • BiNgOGreene

    Viewsonic has had a dual boot tablet for almost 2 years now.