Ad In Gmail Casually Highlights The Sony Xperia Ion Smartphone Will Be Available On AT&T’s Network In June

In the midst of all this hoopla regarding HTC’s flagship smartphone and Sammy’s just-announced beast, many of you seem to have forgotten there’s another monster that is already out in Europe— the Sony Xperia S smartphone. While the device is quietly making headlines abroad, many folks Stateside have been anticipating the arrival of the device, but have gotten no indication of when it will land in American stores… until now. The fine team at Droid Matters spotted a casually placed ad indicating the American variant of the smartphone is coming to AT&T’s network by June. Yup… leave it to Gmail to give the world this well-regarded news instead of Sony or AT&T directly.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Xperia Ion will come fully stacked too with a ton of impressive features. The device will feature a gorgeous 4.6-inch 720P display, 16GB of onboard memory and the kicker– a whopping 12MP camera for you picture-taking pleasure. Originally the device was planned to ship with Gingerbread 2.3 at CES this year, but let’s hope that Sony has since changed its mind and will ship the device with Android 4.0 instead.

You AT&T customers ready for yet another option available to you?

source: Droid Matters


  • sh4ft

    Why doesn’t anyone understand that this is an Ad, Google or Gmail didn’t do it — the Ad Agency or representative of Sony released the Ad early…