Tiny DVR for Android brings your security cams to your Android device

With the ease of installing IP security cameras these days any IT consultant with half a brain should be adding cameras to their proposals as they are a nice simple way of generating extra revenue. The biggest issue these days is actually what to do once you have the cameras installed. Sure most of them can record to disk, but what if you are away from the office and want to do know right now what is happening on multiple locations? So far the answer is to bring up multiple web pages, its fairly clunky and doesn’t give you any real options, so what if you could manage multiple cameras very easily on your phone? Continue reading after the break to learn how Tiny DVR brings you this level of functionality.

What is Tiny DVR?

screenshot_5 A DVR is a digital video recorder and while the app’s name is Tiny DVR it actually doesn’t really have any recording ability other than the ability to take a screen capture. Most IP surveillance camera systems come with some kind of recording software and even have alerting functions that can fire off instant messages and emails when movement is detected.

Where Tiny DVR comes in is not to handle to recording, but to be able to quickly access the cameras for real-time monitoring.

Now imagine you are sitting at home relaxing and you get a text message that a camera has detected movement back at the office, with Tiny DVR you can run an app and quickly see what is happening back in the office and decide if you need to take any action.

Main features:

  • Support for M-JPEG IP cameras and webcams of all major vendors
  • Support for up to 16 cameras simultaneously
  • Support for over 40 different cameras
  • Supports any webcam using custom M-JPEG/JPEG request
  • Multiple camera layouts (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, etc.)
  • Sequence mode
  • One click camera sharing by email
  • Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras
  • Digital zoom
  • Snapshot to SD card
  • No ads


Tiny DVR provides multiple camera layouts from simple 1×1 to a handful of multiple camera layouts. Double-tapping on a particular view will open that view full screen. Double-tapping again anywhere on the screen will zoom into that spot and swiping up/down/left/right can control pan/tilt/zoom cameras. If you are in full screen mode, you can also start a slideshow mode which will switch between cameras automatically.

Is Tiny DVR For You?

screenshot_1 If you need to manage one or multiple IP video cameras and are not always sitting in front of a computer, then you may well be able to take advantage of Tiny DVR. With up to 16 different cameras that you can configure, Tiny DVR can actually be quite a handy tool in a security office. Imagine security guards walking around with 7” Android pads and being able to monitor multiple locations while still walking around. With cheap Android-based tablets hitting the streets for around $150-$200, you could mount several on a desk for less than the cost of an LCD monitor and not have to have it connected to a computer.

Given that Tiny DVR will set you back a whopping $0.00…yup, that’s right, this is a FREE application, it can certainly make sense to use it when appropriate.

Rate & download: Tiny DVR

  • Ravindra

    Market link does not exist. Even search does not show results. Pl help.

  • http://mydroidlife.com Kerry

    The bar code link works just fine. I also just went into the market and searched on: tiny dvr
    Found it right away.

  • Scott Young

    Both qr code and market link work fine for me as well

  • Davey

    One shortcoming is that it does not support preset position for cameras like the Panasonic BL series.

  • Dar Devy

    I like tinydvr fine. It is just that I was not able to view my cams through 3g connection. I could only view my cams via my LAN under wifi. :( I wonder what did I do wrong?

  • http://mydroidlife.com Kerry Garrison

    I was able to use it on T-Mobile 3G, I just had to have the ports forwarded properly.

  • http://facebook.com/screambd Musfiq Rahman

    Hello there,
    I’m feeling excited about this project. Let me introduce myself first.

    I’m a undergrad student from Bangladesh. My dad has an automobile workshop and few public-service mini-bus.

    I was feeling the need to monitor my vehicles as because accidents happens quite often. And every time the fault is on our account as because we do not have any proof.

    So, i wish to cover each of the vehicles with 6 pieces of 2-mega pixels cameras those are used in mobile-cell-phones.

    i do not wish to use multiple hand-sets rather i wish to use multiple cameras attached to a single android and store all the data in a HDD.

    Is it possible??

  • razor j

    tiny cam loads but all my cams say 0x0? what dvr and software need to be in the computer to work? the computer has pico2000 inistalled and everything is working localy just pico remote software isnt compadable with the phone

  • http://www.dcctvsecurity.com DCCTV

    It is a sony effio DVR?

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