UK – Android Cupcake Manual Update

Android Cupcake updates are in full swing across the UK this week, but if like me you haven’t received the update and are growing a little impatient help is at hand.

A poster over on has written up a helpful little guide on how to manually update your G1 to the latest Cupcake update.

Please note however that this guide is specifically for UK G1 owners. Having worked through the process i can confirm that my T-Mobile G1 has now been successfully updated with no problems at all.

First things first, grab the update: UK 1.5 Cupcake Update (CRB17) (5)

Save it to the sd card, named “”. (If you use windows, be sure you aren’t naming it something like “”.) Reboot your phone in recovery mode (hold down ‘home’ while booting until you see the diamond warning.)

Now time to update! Press Alt-L. (This will turn on logging, so you can see what is going on.) Then Alt-S will apply the from the sd card. When it finishes, it’ll reboot.

Let us know what you think of the Android 1.5 cupcake update in the Android update forums!


  • jflo

    so this wont work for ppl in the usa?

  • Anna

    So why are the UK people getting Cupcake and not those of us here in the US?

  • Dan

    @Anna “Please note however that this guide is specifically for UK G1 owners. Having worked through the process i can confirm that my T-Mobile G1 has now been successfully updated with no problems at all.”


  • James

    Worked a dream for me, cheers.

  • Aaron

    Will this work for US g1’s? Anyone can confirm?

  • jack sheperd

    Read the article, you dumb shit.

  • France

    In Australia it is called the HTC Dream and there still aren’t any paid apps on the Android Market. Will this update work for Australian version of the phone?

  • admin

    Just to re-iterate guys. This is the UK 1.5 update designed for UK T-Mobile G1 phones.

    I live in the UK and therefore have a UK G1. Using the above instructions i’ve successfully updated the handset without complication.

    I have no idea whether this update works for other regions or not, but i would suspect it doesn’t and strongly advise against anyone not from the UK and not owning a UK G1 to not attempt this method of manually updating.

  • Mike Taylor

    This update process doesn’t void the warranty or have the possibility of bricking right? It also doesn’t need a rooted G1?

    As you can probably tell, I am a bit worried about trying this out. Part of me says “just wait, you’ll get it soon”.

  • David

    Will this manual update prevent T-Mobile from pushing further updates to the phone OTA? I wouldn’t want that to happen.

  • jordan

    I am waiting for the person desperate enough to try it on their US g1 and end up getting bricked.

  • Mike Taylor

    Haha! Agreed.

    I’m pissed off because my GF got hers last night, and shes on an unlocked G1 on o2!!!

  • jordan

    i may secretely try it on my wife’s phone. whats the worse that can happen? i will report back!

  • Mike Taylor

    Hero! lol

  • Mike Taylor

    I can comfirm that I have no given into temptation and updated my G1 this way.

    It’s works flawlessly.

  • jordan

    mike are u in the US? You said you have not given into temptation? Or you have?

  • Mike Taylor

    I am in the UK. Sorry about the typo. Should read:

    “I can comfirm that I have given into temptation…”

    Update performed, UK, un-rooted G1, perfect!

  • Mikael

    I tried on my US model (in France). Doesn’t work. An assert fails: file_contains(“”, “,release-keys”) == “true” || ….
    I guess I have to wait for the US update…

  • Gregor

    hi, i’ve just successfully manually installed cupcake on my g1. thank you for this!


  • James

    Worked like a charm!

    UK T-Mobile G1 Unlocked and running on Vodafone and NOT rooted…

    Great stuff!

  • Sid

    i’ve got a UK G1 unlocked to work on 3 network but the update failed with the exact same error that Mikael had… Assert file contains…..etc…

    HELP PLS…. I luv the G1

  • Alexander

    Updated G1 UK T-Mobile just fine, thanks for the info! It was a piece of (cup)cake. Rofflecopter.

  • SG

    Singapore users for HTC Dream aren’t getting this 1.5 updates. Is it true HTC???!!!!!!

  • dan

    tried it on my mac and it failed 3 times. turned on my other laptop with windows xp and it worked liek a charm.

    glad i know have the ability to use a soft keypad for quick texts not to bothered about anything else. i see the magic has a voice search, in the google search widget but do we really need that?

  • Kenshin

    Ok Peeps!

    New to the G1 team. Just sold my I-Phones (mine and my wife) and came over to T mobile, (AT&T was KILLING my pockets)

    Love the phone, but I have ONE problem, THE BATTERY! This thing is like a V8 to gas. Does this update help that?

  • SSA

    I live in the UK and have an unlocked US Tmobile G1 on Vodafone. Three Options

    1. Wait to see if I get a OTA.
    2. Download and install the update from this page.
    3. Wait for the US TMobile Version of 1.5.


  • daz

    Hi all!!

    I just tried this on my rooted G1 and it fails, miserably.
    Anyway round this?
    If so can you leave me a reply or email me…

    Thanks guys an gals

  • daz

    me again, thats..

    Thanks again

  • Kiran

    Come on guys, as the author says – it will NOT work on US G1 handsets and that makes total sense since it is UK specific unless you can tweak some carrier/region specific code!

    We will get US package soon anyway! Patience, my friend is a virtue ;)

  • Alejandro Romero

    I’m from Chile, when i will update to 1.5 firmware?…

  • Thomas

    please inform me about the US update as well.

  • James

    I tried this on my US G1 and it worked just fine. Downloaded the file directly on my G1. Found it using Astro on my G1 in the download folder on the sd card. Moved the file out of the folder the root of the sd card. (Not in a folder just floating on the sd card.) Renamed the file . Then I turned off the phone. Pressed the power button and the home button at the same time. Then press alt L, then press alt S. Phone reboots, and you have UK version of Cupcake. Not hacked, not rooted.

  • SSA

    Can you confirm that the UK Version of Cupcake will work on a US G1?

  • James

    I am running it on my phone right now, and my US G1 was purchased durning preorder last November. If you follow the instructions I gave, there is no reason it should not work for you. I updated mine using the file given in the link while driving through downtown LA last Thursday. So far so good, the only thing different is an app called web’n’walk that has a t-mobile UK homescreen on it. Other than that all of the features for the UK and US cupcake versions are the same.

  • James

    Before updating to cupcake make sure all of your contacts are synched to your Gmail account, because I lost all of mine, and had to re synch my contacts. They all reloaded with no problems, but the call log was cleared.

  • jordan

    Hmmmmm….my curiosity may get the best of me with this one but I can also wait for the update this week. Decisions, decisions.

  • jordan

    Didnt work for US G!
    E: no signature (5 files)
    E: verification failed
    Installation Aborted

  • James

    I just installed it on my friends US G1 5 minutes ago and it worked with no problems. IF you give me your e-mail address I will send you the file.

  • jordan

    i downloaded the update from the link and i dont see how it could be any different. unless i am doing something wrong with astro and the file. which i dont see that being the problem.

  • Midaz

    just tried it on my us g1…no can do…if it works for u send it here

  • James

    Just tried to send it to Midaz, Gmail limits my attachment to 25 mb, the file is 44 mb, any ideas?

  • midaz

    Try yousendit or sendspace

  • jordan

    james did you grab the update from the link here or somewhere else?

  • James

    I thought I grabbed the file from here but maybe it was another site. I was driving while I did the whole thing so I am not sure 100%. I thought it was the file from this link, maybe they changed the file somehow between then and now. I am going to try to send it to midaz using his advice.

  • midaz


  • Daniel
  • Thomas

    failed at my US version phone. i’m in germany

  • jordan

    Worked for me. US G1, will update to US version when that’s out.

  • James

    I plan on updating my phone to US version as well when it comes out.

  • SSA

    E:Failure at line 1:
    assert file_contains(“SYSTEM:build.prop”, “,release-keys” — “true || file_contains(“SYSTEM:build.prop”, “ aborted.

  • James

    Hey Midaz, did you get it working?

  • brybam

    can you send me the that worked on ur US G1?


  • Midaz

    just did it…lets see (fingers crossed)

  • Midaz

    the word android looks different off bat

  • jordan

    Worked just fine for me! And now the US version is delayed again. Works great.

  • Midaz

    works for me…like a charm!

  • brybam


    just used

    simply renamed the zip file to update and then dropped it on my SD card

    using USA G1 non rooted worked!!

  • SSA

    Can i please get a shout out?

  • James

    Hey SSA, did you get it to work?

  • SSA

    Got it working

  • Thomas

    Hi brybam,
    I get an 404 page not found error behind
    Is there an error in the URL? Could you also send me the file through ?

  • siccmade

    i used the uk cupcake on my usa g1 and works great

  • Mike

    the link is provided for cupcake 1.5 above is dead

  • Mohammed Khoory

    For those with US phones that tried this and failed, has it bricked your phone? or were you able to revert back to the pre-cupcake version?

  • Malcolm

    i am hesitant to use this as well… i read somewhere that it will block the US update when it comes through… has anyone else heard about this?

  • Muckwarrior

    All those links are giving me a 404. Has it been taken down? If so, where else can I download it from?

  • Matt

    I was able to install this on my US G1 using the link in the T-mobile forum post.

    Missing Amazon though.

    Rumor has it you’ll have to manually install the US version once it is available.

  • apeiron0

    I have the same problem of SSA when I try to install the update of android 1.0.

    E:Failure at line 1:
    assert file_contains(“SYSTEM:build.prop”, “,release-keys” — “true || file_contains(“SYSTEM:build.prop”, “ aborted.

    When I try to install the update of android 1.6 happens the same, but at line 2.

    I don’t know what is the cause.

    Can anyone tell me anything about this?