Yet more new Galaxy series names trademarked by Samsung

Another day, another batch of Galaxy series names filed for trademark by Samsung. Earlier this month we told you that Samsung had filed for trademarks on Galaxy Thunder, Galaxy Express and Galaxy Accelerate. We haven’t actually seen any phones using these names hit the market yet however you can now add Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Premier and Galaxy Next into the mix too.

In the past Samsung has used these titles for carrier branded variations of flagship devices like the Galaxy S and Galaxy SII, we’ve also seen previous names attached to the budget Galaxy devices so it’s anyone’s guess as to what devices these new names will end up attached to.

It seems that Samsung’s marketing team is steadily working through the alphabet. Think you could do a better job? Leave us your suggestions in the comments below!

source : uspto

via : pocketnow

  • Tee

    Does this kind of naming policy serve the phone buyers somehow? To me it’s not. There is no logic to value the phones according to the names. One would have thougt HTC’s example had done the trick already… Sensation, Desire, Hero… Go figure.