Draw Something to Receive Update, Includes Bug Fixes and New Features

Last week we reviewed the insanely popular overnight hit, Draw Something. As soon as the app was released it almost instantly became the top free and paid apps in the Play store and remains there to this day. If you are reading this I imagine you have at least heard of this app and at most are highly addicted to it, playing it all day long with over 15 games going on simultaneously – I know who you are :-) Anyway, all folks who have a Draw Something account recently received an email outlining the future update plans for the game. If you have been experiencing bugs have no fear, not only are OMGPOP and new owners Zynga going to fix all reported bugs, they are going to issue some great new features as well. In case you trashed the email or it landed in your spam box, this is what you can expect in the upcoming update:

  • Sharing drawings on Twitter and Facebook
  • Save drawings to your devices’ photo library
  • Notifications for Android devices
  • Increase of the max streak from 99 to 999
  • Pull down to refresh game status
  • Undo button for your last brush stroke
  • Even better performance
  • More Words
  • A slew of other fixes and tweaks

So there you have it. Not only will you get to keep your winning streak going ten times longer than before, you’re about to see an influx of drawings in your social network feed (just what I needed). I personally like the addition of new words. I am getting really tired of drawing a caveman over and over again.

If you are reading this and have yet to try Draw Something, you should check out our review I mentioned earlier, or jump straight to the download link below. As cheesy as it may appear, it truly is a hoot! Giver ‘er a shot already.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/sdkexile Charles Henry

    So do these adress the fact that i can log in to random users at any time i want and draw some thing on their games instead?