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If you’re tired if the classic popular games for Android devices, games that revolve around candy, farms, gems, and birds, then you’ve come to the right place. And even if those are some of your favorite games but you’re looking for something new, then this list is for you too, because today we’re bringing you our 5 favorite RPG (role-playing) games for Android

If you’re not familiar with RPG’s, they’re games where you become a specific character and you’re put into that character’s world to protect, defend, and conquer it. More vivid and engaging than your run of the mill classic killing-time games, these RPG’s won’t disappoint, and they’ll certainly add some variety to your routine.

Dungeon Hunter 5

One of the most popular RPG gaming apps, Dungeon Hunter 5 won’t disappoint even the most seasoned of gamers. In this RPG game, you’ll be able to fly solo or play with others. If you decide to go solo, there’s currently 69 (yes, 69!) missions that will take you through the fantastic storyline and epic territories, including other realms. And if you do decide to go at it with friends, you can play with up to 3 other people at a time, or hire your friends as allies.

Throughout the game, you’ll unlock awesome content, including new powers and over 900 different pieces of gear. Before each mission, you’ll be able to gear up with the armor and weapons that will best suit that specific place, equipping you for success. In the missions, you’ll upgrade your trap rooms, collect Minion Shards, and fight to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

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If you’re into the mystical/fantasy side of most RPG games, then you’re going to love HonorBound. With options like wizards, rogues, knights, clerics, warriors, ogres, orcs, and of course, dragons, you won’t be able to put the excitement of HonorBound down for long. You’ll be able to focus on different elements that will govern your powers, and you can either choose one to specialize in or dabble in all five for a diverse set of actions. You’ll also take your time recruiting help, whether from mystical beasts or other allies.

As you play through this magical quest, you’ll pick up legendary loot that will help you strengthen your team to help you get through the story. But the really neat part is that you can also head to the PVP arena to play against your friends and foes, adding a whole new level of challenge and interest to an already exciting game. HonorBound is also a great option for our international readers, since it’s available in 7 languages besides English, including Spanish and Japanese.

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Buff Knight

In this awesome RPG game, you’ll play a 8-bit buff knight who needs to save his princess from complete destruction. In Buff Knight, the best part is that you have plenty of options, and therefore plenty of different ways to play. First of all, you’ll choose to either begin in endless mode, or go the classic route first with story mode. The next choice you make is whether you play the buff knight, or if you go with “Buffy” the sorceress instead. On top of those choices, you’ll create unique strategies to help you get through the game, providing you with hours of fun, and a ton of different gaming combinations to complete.

Throughout Buff Knight, you’ll be fighting your way to the Princess, which also means a potentially-deadly encounter with the Red Vile Dragon. As you make your way there, you will be gathering artifacts and upgrades to help you conquer the dragon, including “buffed up” attributes. But even if you do manage to slay the dragon and save the princess, do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboards?

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Completely free to play, Wraithborne is the perfect option for anyone who wants to try out a mobile RPG before committing to it by purchasing. Wraithborne’s amazing graphics and fun storyline will provide you with hours of RPG entertainment, without spending a dime. You’ll play Wraithborne, and as you settle into a world that recently acquired magic, it’s your job to defeat the beasts and save what is left of humanity from utter terror and destruction.

With 12 riveting levels, Wraithborne is the perfect introduction to RPG mobile games if you’re trying to get a feel for what they’re like. You’ll also fine that there’s 3 gameplay challenge arenas, 8 sets of battle armor and warhammers, and different powers that will even allow you to heal yourself.

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SoulCraft 2

New and seasoned RPG game players alike will be amazed at the extent of the content to be found in SoulCraft 2. And if you find that you’re really, really enjoying it, you can even play it on your Android TV with an external controller for the same exhilaration on the big screen.

So what is SoulCraft 2 exactly? In this RPG game, humans, angels, and demons are at war as the humans unearth eternal life. You’ll fight as an angel (demon or human upon further updates), and basically set off an apocalypse that will hopefully help you get rid of the demons, and mankind as you know it. You’ll choose from 7 different heroes, and play the solo campaign or go multiplayer. In multiplayer, you’ll play against others in real-time, and hopefully make it to the top of today’s league. And just one of the great features is that there’s an option for offline mode, making SoulCraft 2 an awesome pick for at home, in the coffee shop, doctor’s office, and basically anywhere else on the go.

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Whether you’re just looking for something a little different, or you’ve loved RPG’s for a long time and are just looking for more, we hope our list helped you find an app that’s perfect for you, or one that you know your friends will enjoy.

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