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We’ve come a long way from cassette tapes, and now it’s time to face the music — pun fully intended — CDs are beginning to phase out as well. Most (if not all) new cars aren’t even made with CD players anymore, which gives us the perfect opportunity to recommend some awesome music player apps to you. If you’re looking for something extremely simple, something a little more advanced but not too crazy, or flow-blown customizable with an extensive list of features, there’s something on here for everyone.

So without further ado, here’s what we think are the best music player apps for Android.



If you’ve got a large music collection, MediaMonkey is the place to park it. With extensive features like listening history, sleep timer, player widgets, and more, you won’t be disappointed. Not only that, but you can also edit the properties of your music files, so if you’re used to doing some tweaking, you can do it all within the MediaMonkey app.

Just like your more popular music players, MediaMonkey recognizes album art and genre. You can create playlists, queue music, search your full library, and maybe the best part: easily set your favorite song to be your ringtone. You can say goodbye to the fuss of individual ringtone apps where you end up not even finding the clip you want, because you can do it all right through MediaMonkey.

Download it now: Google Play

PlayerPro Music Player


While PlayerPro comes with a small fee ($5), it’s completely worth it with all of the available customizations. Choose from a bunch of different skins, alter the interface to fit your specific likes, and organize your media by list or grid. You’ll also be able to alter volume, bass, and virtualizer for the most personalized experience possible.

But that’s not all PlayerPro has to offer. PlayerPro is Google Voice compatible, has options for a sleep timer and fade out, and customizable double tap and shake commands, plus more. The features and customizations of PlayerPro makes it a fantastic option for anyone who likes a completely unique music experience. And with the aforementioned capabilities of mixing up the bass and virtualizer, PlayerPro delivers it all.

Download it now: Google Play



Looking for something a little more low-key, just to play a few of your favorite mp3s? More simple and minimalistic, VLC will give you an easy way to listen to more than just those mp3s. If your personal collection is in a wide array of formats, chances are that VLC will be able to play them all, at no cost to you. And, while it may be a different topic for a different article, VLC will also play your movies too, which makes it a great, central place to house all your digital media.

Another awesome thing about VLC is that it’s consumer-friendly. The developers didn’t have to assure users that VLC valued their privacy, but they did, and proved it with the open source code. So if you’re concerned about your privacy and are in search of some apps that are more geared towards protecting yours, then VLC is a great option for media viewing.

Download it now: Google Play

Google Play Music


With Google Play Music, there honestly isn’t much you can’t do. You can upload your favorite old CDs, purchase individual digital tracks, albums, or podcasts from within the app, and even listen to radio stations similar to Pandora. You can purchase any of these items individually, or, similar to Spotify, Google Play Music also has different subscription plans you can check out.

Google has done a great job with Google Play Music, providing you with what you want to hear, exactly when you want to hear it. While Google Play Music is popular among Android users, people who haven’t quite taken the Android leap just yet will find the app to be equally as enjoyable, user-friendly, and full of great features to take advantage of.

Download it now: Google Play



Similar to VLC, Blackplayer is more of a simple app, but still offers plenty of room for customization, similar to PlayerPro. The free version of the app will give you just a taste of the premium (or EX) version, with features like auto and manual cover album management, three different widgets, bass, virtualizer, and equalizer customizations, gapless playback, and more.

With BlackPlayer EX (which is under $3!), you’ll get all of those features, and more. You’ll get more theme options, track listening history (over the month instead of week), completely custom colors, music sorted by genre in one, easy-to-use list, custom widgets, and so much more. With Blackplayer, you really have options. If you like something minimalistic but still sleek and user friendly, go with the free version. And if you want something that’s far more extensive with endless customizations, go with the EX version.

Download it now: Google Play



Modern, colorful, and trendy, Shuttle Music Player is sleek, fun, and just plain fantastic. Like all music players, you’ll be able to upload and listen to your already-owned collection, and view them in the simple “album,” “songs,” and “genre,” lists, but you can also view “suggested” music, “most played,” and of course “favorites.” Shuttle cuts all clutter, and makes it easy to listen to what you want, when you want it.

Similar to many of the other music players on this list, if you love Shuttle enough, you can upgrade to Shuttle+. With Shuttle+, you’ll get access to more themes, folder browsing, id3 tag editing, and ChromeCast compatibility, so you’ll be able to take advantage of all these amazing features off your phone and tablet, straight from your TV.

Download it now: Google Play


While a few years from now CDs might become, dare I say, archaic, you can rest easily knowing all things digital are going to be around for awhile, and that includes music. If you’re in search of the best music player app for Android that fits your personality, we’ve shown you a little bit of everything on this list, from sleek and simple to fun and full of features, so we certainly hope you found an app that works for you!

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