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First-person-shooter (FPS) games are one of the most popular genres out there. After all, games like Call of Duty and Battlefield sell millions of copies every year. But, is it possible to get this same experience on mobile? Of course!

It goes without saying, first-person shooters are a little more difficult on mobile, particularly because of the touch controls, but pair a controller and your good to go! Another common misconception is that first-person-shooter games just don’t live up to their potential, and that they’re much better on the PC or popular game consoles. That’s why we’ve taken 10 of our favorites from the Play Store—to dispel this misconception and show what we think are the best of the best. Each of these apps are equally (if not more) as awesome on your Android device as they are on your PC or game console, and some of the different features exclusively for the Android games are pretty amazing.

Modern Combat 5


If you’re a hardcore or even a casual Call of Duty player, Modern Combat 5 will get any almost anyone into playing first-person shooters on their Android device. Modern Combat 5 is essentially a Call of Duty clone, but specifically made for mobile. Players will be able to take to the battlefield with six different customizable classes, jump into multiplayer squads with your friends, or even take solo combat for a spin.

Once you get started, you’re going to pick this game up every chance you get. And there’s no worries about using awkward touch control placement, as the controls are completely customizable. Not only that, but Modern Combat 5 supports many types of game controllers, allowing you to connect one up and play as if you were on your PC or console again.

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Blitz Brigade


Blitz Brigade is just an all-around fun MMO FPS game. You can choose from being a Medic, Sniper, Soldier, Demolisher, Gunner, or Stealth. Battle up to 12 other people, use voice chat to communicate with other players, enjoy land and air vehicles, and more. If you’re not looking to play multiplayer, Blitz Brigade has some awesome solo-player missions as well. Engaging and thrilling, these missions will help you to further hone your skills and prepare you for future battles.

Blitz Brigade is unique because it takes on a more cartoonish viewpoint of the FPS genre. It’s very reminiscent of a 2009 third-person shooter called Battlefield Heroes, which was a title developed by EA and Dice.

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N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition


N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition is a Sci-Fi-themed first-person shooter for Android. The game allows you to head back to earth after humanity was cast out years ago, putting the fate of your people is in your hands.

Players will be able to fight for the human race with friends in 7 different multiplayer modes, 7 different maps, and 10 different levels. Not only that, but players will get to utilize sci-fi-like weaponry and vehicles, adding a whole new element of fun to the game not seen in titles like Modern Combat 5 or even Blitz Brigade. Finally, N.O.V.A. 3 actually supports in-game voice chat, allowing you to chat with your comrades without having to stop and type a message out.

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Dead Trigger 2


In Dead Trigger 2, you’ll join the ranks in becoming a zombie-slaying hero—if you can survive, that is. A global zombie apocalypse has hit earth hard, and you’ll need to choose from more than 30 different weapons, and what part of the world you want to start in. There’s more than 600 gameplay scenarios, and you can compete in tournaments to win prizes. Zombie slaying has never been more thrilling on mobile with Dead Trigger 2.

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Brothers in Arms 3


Brothers in Arms 3 is an exciting game staged in World War II, and similar to other first-person-shooter games, you can team up and go multiplayer or go solo. Upgrade your weapons, learn how to direct and utilize your NPC squad in solo-player mode, and even take part in special events and challenges.

With many different missions and ways to play, Brothers in Arms 3 is sure to become a favorite of any avid gamer. The options, abilities, and most of all, fun, are limitless here.

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Critical Ops


In Critical Ops, you’re able to experience both sides of the coin: play within a counter-terrorism unit, annihilating the bad guys and saving countless people, or play as the terrorist, wreaking havoc upon society. Use guns like sniper rifles, pistols, and AK-47s. Compete with strangers and your friends to make it to the top of the scoreboard!

A fairly new game, Critical Ops is constantly being improved for players to have a better gaming experience each time. This latest update came with a whole bunch of bug fixes as well as some UI enhancements to make the game easier for players to navigate. The game is still in its Alpha phase, meaning you’ll be able to help test the game by playing and giving the developers feedback before the final release.

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The goal of Robots is fairly simple: kill all of the robots before they kill you. There’s different strategies, leaderboards and achievements, customizable controls, and several different weapon options.

Even though this game is fairly basic, the fight for survival amid endless killer robots is thrilling. You never know where they’re hiding, whether they’re alone, or if they’ll come in waves. Will you make it out alive?

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Neon Shadow


In Neon Shadow, Dark Mechanoids have invaded your space station, and it’s your job to stop them before they take over the entire galaxy. Play death-match mode, utilize controller support, and even play with a friend on a single tablet with split-screen mode. Neon Shadow is an amazing multiplayer or solo first-person-shooter game, and you’re not going to want to miss it!

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Sniper Fury


Sniper Fury stands out amidst many of the other first-person-shooter apps because it’s extensive, which makes for hours and hours of awesome gameplay. With more than 130 missions, you can join multiplayer PvP mode, customize your weapons, grow your military arsenal, take part in special events and challenges, and more! There’s so much content in Sniper Fury, it’s a game you’re sure to enjoy for a long time.

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With a name like that, SWAT speaks for itself. Similar to Critical Ops, SWAT is an anti-terrorism FPS app. In this game, you’ll work to find threats and get rid of them. You’ll use weapons like unmanned fighters, rocket launchers, massive machine guns, and nuclear weapons. As countries unite to create this team, your objective is to destroy evil and protect world peace.

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It goes without saying, there’s something on this list for everyone, whether you’re into FPS games that have you defeating robots, aliens, world wars, zombies, or terrorists. Try a few of these out and, maybe, you’ll get to see just how great gaming on Android can be. These games are great for a different kind of first-person-shooter experience, at home, on vacation, or even on your lunch break.

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