How to check for software updates on your Android device


When a software update is pushed out to your phone or tablet, you likely aren’t going to see it for at least another week or two. Most companies issue software updates in waves to ensure quality for everyone. But you can always speed that process up by manually checking for the latest software update.

This process could vary by phone; however, it’s relatively the same and only wording on individual devices will differ.

  1. Head into your device’s Settings menu.


  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select About phone.


  3. Within the About phone menu, you should see something like “Check for updates” or “System updates.” Choose the appropriate option on your device.


  4. On some phones, that will start the process of manually checking that you are on the latest version immediately. But, on other phones, you’ll have a second option once opening that final menu, and that’s just “Check now.” Select it, and your Android device will manually check that you have the latest system image.


That’s all there is to it! This same process works for tablets as well. It’s also worth noting that, if you read about an Android update rolling out to your phone, but don’t see it after manually checking, don’t worry. These things do take time to get to everyone, so you can either wait until you receive a notification to download the new update or check again tomorrow.

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • Kathy

    Downloaded AnyCut and followed directions, but ‘Device Info’ is nowhere to be seen on my Droid X. ‘System Updates’ IS there, but merely sends you back to System Updates already found on Settings Options. The AnyCut shortcut on the phone’s desktop lets you create a shortcut of most anything on the phone. Apps already do this; but perhaps AnyCut will be helpful to some folks. I don’t find it to be an essential app myself & with more useful apps out there, I’ll probably uninstall this one tho it works.

    • This process could vary by phone; however, it’s relatively the same and only wording on individual devices will differ.

  • Khadijah

    im trying to update my software to android 2.3.
    i’ve got the HTC Desire. I did the whole About phone, and update checker. But there isnt any updates. So what do i do to get Android 2.3!!

  • ellis

    I am stuck on 2.1 update 1. Try to look for updates manually but the checking… box is stuck there for 10 minutes. Does not come back with update or no new updates message. It has been like this for a month now. My partners phone is exactly the same model same network and she gets all the updates fine.

    What is different.

    Can’t find any similar problems, please help.


  • Shannon Jacobs

    Just trying to double-check here. My Android is an HTC Aria, but when I follow the instructions, the option seems to be checking only for system software updates. Does it actually include the apps, too?

    By the way, I know it is working in some way, since one of the apps did recently notify me of an update, and the upgrade seemed easy and painless.

    P.S. Why ask here? Because my carrier, eMobile in Japan, has awful support. Not just a language issue, but the widespread new support policy of lowering the customers’ expectations as close to zero as possible. I did probe HTC, just in case they cared about their reputation, but their support policy is “Ask your carrier and too bad for you if we sell phones through a carrier that doesn’t answer questions.” However, I will say that eMobile has some technical competence and the Aria seems well designed.

  • Shannon Jacobs

    Whoops. I shouldn’t have double-quoted that thing about HTC. No one working for HTC literally said that, but I read it between the lines of the HTC responses. Their literal response was more along the lines of ‘We’ll collect such comments and perhaps forward them to your carrier.’

  • Fred Easter III

    i have the huawei ascend by metro pcs and i followed all of the directions however my phone doesnt even have the system updates option or check for updates and im still running on v2.1 any other ways to do this?

  • DeJohnte

    yea i also have the huawei ascend by metro and it doesnt have the system update option…how do you update this android? help pleassssssse

  • mikey

    how do i update or check the htc wildfire as new to android phones lol

  • Nick

    ok so ive been looking all night at how to update my htc hero and ive come up with a blank as to why my phone doesnt have the software update option…. can anyone help me?

  • I have Galaxy S, still with 2.1, phone is slow, and turning off like 20 times a day! Its time to get an update!

  • Mondron

    Hi, I have a Galaxy S, with 2.1. I followed all the directions but I did not see the System Update option. Can somebody help me?

  • Mondron

    Alex, I was facing the same problem, with the same phone and SO version. I solved changing the Input mode, switching the input method from Android Keyboard to HTC_IME. Just in case this help you.

  • kerrin

    I have a galaxy s and neither of update options explained work. How can i get onto version 2.2 and beyond?

  • sam

    I have a moterola blur and it says my phone is up to date but my android market doesn’t show all available apps like on my friends phone! Please help\/ :/

  • gabby

    I too am stuck in update 2.2 I keep checking for updates but it just keeps telling me there is none at this time. Please help me?! :(

  • can not find anycut in adroid market please send me a link

  • Joshua

    I have a motto qlick and I’m still on android 1.5 I have tried to search for an update but it allways say no update found your phone is up to date any sugestions

  • Hi i have a ZTE-Racer with adnroid 2.1 update 1. I tried to update, but there is no system update no where in the phone setings. please help me to how to upgrade my zte racer. Thanks

  • Pedro

    I’ve got the sam problem. My phone is a ZTE on 2.1 update 1. I’ve tried both of the options above but it simply won’t work. Can somebody help me do an update? plz


    you need to upgrade to android 2.2 , some carriers will push this to your phone, HTC seems to be the best at providing upGRADES of the OS.. 2.1 does not have auto update feature. just google it. hope this helps any confusion

  • Anthony

    i have the motorola i1 LOL I PAID 350. worst choice ever. but my question is, The motorola i1is the only wt touchscreen phone, so i know theres no other android firmware with wt capabilities, but i dont care about wt, is there a way to update to a newer android firmware with this phone? if not i have to crack the capabilities and manually force an update witch will void my warrenty. its sort of like jailbreaking an idevice just it does things alittle different and doesnt install a key program such as ‘cydia’. it runs android 1.5 btw. yea, bought it brand new a few months ago And its junk.

  • macky

    I dont find the software update on my android settings, about device. How come?

  • Arthur

    The cell phone carrier determines when you OS can get the updates, I just got 2.3 today on my phone.

  • James

    Checking for update Step 6……..”Touch the “System updates” option. This causes the phone to look for any new Android updates. If an update is available, the phone will download and install it.”

    My samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Doesnt’t have that option to select. I go to SETTINGS, ABOUT PHONE….but no option for updates is available….?

    What do I do then?

  • vishnu

    hi.. i am vishnu i taken micromax a60. how i can update my mobile os 2.1 to 2.2 please send information about this os at

  • James

    I have the LGP500H with koodo. when i go to settings and about phone there is nothing to click on that lets you update it over the air. Does the LGP500H do OTA updating or do I have to do it on the computer????

  • James

    What is the newest version of android for the LGP500H. I currently have android 2.2.1

  • whats the latest update for galaxy tab samsung

  • covolt9214

    HI, I recently got a Motorola Android A855 and I heard I can update the firmware version 2.0 to 2.2.
    I did check the system updates but it says that “your system is currently up to date” Is there other way to upgrade my phone??

  • ninjamonkey

    I have the HTC incredible and am on 2.2. Verizon says they released 2.3 in August and even have a manual to check for the update manually. You go to settings, about phone, system updates,and press the check new button. The problem is, THERE IS NO CHECK NEW BUTTON! I’ve never rooted this phone, it’s the stock release with an ota update to 2.2. Has anyone else had this problem and figured it out? I emailed a Verizon rep who then told me to do the same thing over again! Apparently they didn’t get it when I said the button doesn’t exist.

  • ajay

    Hi , i have motorola backflip MB300 indian version. I am stuck with android 1.5 . Will motorola update it or not?
    if not is there any ‘easy’ method to update ? help….thnx.

  • Kevin

    HTC Wildfire s still on the old andriod market, when will it update to the new market ?

  • Rash

    You can update firmware manually using odin

  • Deep Patel

    I can’t update my android to 2.1 to 2.3 and when i try to open user support everytime it force closes. So pls anyone can give me solution for it?



  • sajith

    I have xperia x10i, have any update android 4 ( ice cream sandwitch ) available. Plz share. Thanks

  • Priscilla

    Hey I have a huawei ascend android phone through metropcs and I have my phone updated I know you have a market store on your android phone and an AppStore as well go into the AppStore look for something that says android software update and download it and update your phone I don’t know about any other phones like HTC but I just know about the android phones ….I hope that helps

  • madison

    im still stuck on update 1.6 LOL! it says system is fully updated – clearly not. -.-

  • Mahesh

    i want to know about android updation ………..

  • kelvin

    i’m using a samsung galaxy ace but i cant find the software update button please help !!!

  • Great Post. Android is taking over,,, Excellent!

  • Android is the way to go…Best out there

  • LG thrive person says

    I have a LG optimus t with 2.2 oporating systym when is 2.3 coming out.

    • Sean Campbell

      Dude how do you update your Lg optimus?

  • LG optimus person says

    when is 2.3 coming out ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • jin

    im using generic android, cant find the systems update im on 2.0 and i can download flashplayer ugh sucks cmon please help me thanks

  • Anubhav

    im using a samsung galaxy ace…. and there is software update button… plzz help

  • problooom

    My phone doesnt have the ‘system update’ inside the ‘about phone’

    • Keechl

      neither does mine — can’t find anything anywhere for a system update option. i have an lg lw690

    • Rohit

      Click on About Phone–> Software Update–>System

  • Dirk T

    I am considering changing phone from symbian to android. Does android also erase certain external programs you bought after downloading an update? With symbian after updating you also needed to reinstall some programs which were gone afterwoods…thx

  • maggie

    I have the HTC inspire and I have recently tried updating my phone to the new software and when I go to my settings and click check for updates it scans thwn tells me server unavailable. Why is that? And how else can I finally update my software? Please help!! I’d very much appreciate it.

  • susa

    i have samsung galaxy 5670 im also not getting the software update option

  • how can i update my android phone from 2.3.4 to 4.0

  • Kelsey

    i have a samsung galaxy S and i can not find the software update option

    • Gil Branco

      I also have a Galaxy S.  Here’s how I did it:

      -On the main screen, tap the menu button (the one on the left of the home button).
      -Choose Settings;
      -The ‘about phone’ is the last one, far bellow – Tap it;
      -Then ‘Update Software’ is fits one – Tap it now;
      -There is the “Check for updates’.

      The options can have a different text, because my GS is in portuguese, but I believe anyone can find a similar text.

      I hope it helps.

      • EstieLuna

        I don’t have the “update software” option in my “about phone” heading. The closest thing I have is “software update” but it requires firmware (which I would need to find somewhere.) but I don’t know where to get it…

  • Rebecca Miller 95

    i have a samsung galaxy and i cant find the “system update” option on my phone?

  • Rebecca Miller 95

    i have a samsung galaxy and i cant find the “system update” option on my phone?

    • Gustavo Kummer

      neither do I

    • Google

      Its under the About phone section inside of settings, it should be on the bottom

  • Gytieiuri Nb

    just download AnyCut u dumb fucks

    • Dvd_dvd92

      been there done that it dosent work

    • ldowns911

      doesnt have anything listed asshole for device info on ours phones

  • Leemrie19

    I have the Droid incredible and I used ‘any cut’ every time I check for a system update the program instantly stops and force closes, so that’s not an option. And any time I go to about phone and system updates it shows its up to date and doesn’t give me the ‘check now’ button, which my phone has prompted me twice to upgrade it to 2.3.4 gingerbread..someone help..Iif I went to the Verizon store could they push the system update to my phone again@

  • Rshudson82

    There is no “Check for Updates” option in AnyCut…

    • Leandre

      hi there.

      could anyone assist you with that problem, as i tried to do update but is isn’t in the list

  • Senoripod

    who can tell me that if i update my phone, do my apps will disapear? will the update delete them??? help please… my email is, let me know if you know how to do it.

  • laurynashlee

    my phone needs a firmware update and i dont know what to do ..?

  • notworking

    Yeah, my Samsung Admire doesn’t have this option, or anything resembling it.

  • ShinyDiscoBalls

    I think the reason why we can’t find the “Check for updates” option is because our phones are locked by cell phone company ( they removed the option).

  • Fanicai

    how to turn off the auto update system ?

  • 360kickflp

    news flash!!
    i hate my phone COS ITS ANDROID 1.5
    and that means that it wont let you check for updates and it dosnt let you know if it is checking for updates

  • Sushant_asd

    how can we start auto update on android phone

  • mick shi

    i have a galaxy 551 and its running 2.2 and it tells me its up to date. what do i do?

  • Fares Amir

    Good things to know… But, I Have an Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 running with Android Gingerberead 2.3.4 and I want to update him to vertions like 2.3.6 or 3.0 or 4.0

    • Marco

      I’m in your situation: were you able to upgrade your phone? is it possible at all?

    • psalm manarpiis

      Sir. the android updates are for phone. not to upgrade your android os.. for phone performance

  • ahmed elreidy

    i am on android 2.3.3 on my gs2 and i can’t find any updates why is that happening ?!

  • TheZack1

    i am running 2.1 froyo. it says that there are no updates, yet they are. can anyone help ??

  • Freaksernzo

    my phone got no system update. can someone help?

  • fukgirls

    i got a galaxy 5 it doesnt say system updates

  • Ashmit kalra

    Is there any upgrade for google nexus s to go in android 4.0  cz whenever i open (about phone) it shows that “your phone is up to date ” so i m very confused that has the upgrade come or not…..

  • Inamul 89

    My galaxy fit also no system update option..

    • same here, how do we update the phone then. I am looking out for some apps in the market. Can you help me if you are facing the same problem ?

  • Lam2

    Download Samsung Firmware if you have a samsung

  • Anonymous

    One of the strongest features of the Android mobile phone operating
    system platform is found in its ability to receive updates as they
    become available.

  • Anonymous

    “One of the strongest features of the Android mobile phone operating
    system platform is found in its ability to receive updates as they
    become available.”
    …lol, are you kidding? As soon as the official update from Google leaks through all the customizations, which means NEVER more often than not…
    Thanks for AnyCut, though!

  • Dontstopj16

    Not all phones can receive the new android update yet, each phone will be able to receive it over time.

  • Sgs2

    i have SGS2 and i can update my phone becouse i pay for it almost 500 euros and its not locked by some carier…try that… ;)

  • Safdarmalik4262

    my htc droid incredible 2 is for verizon. how can i update its software if not on verizon wireless ?

    • Jd

      Use the wifi connection and then check for updates.

  • Sharique

    how can i update my anroid

  • My phone doesn’t even have a system updates option (MyTouch 4G)

    Yet, My mothers phone got a software update to 2.3.4 or something like that…

  • Vaibhavrengde

    I hav HTC wildfire s android version 2.3.5 how do I update it to the newest version ??

  • Jlr119

    I have an LG Thrive. Any updates available for that particular phone?

    • reddy

      yes 2.3 update is avaliable now in india

  • Vishal32124

    hello sir i hae karbonn a1 how can i update android phone

  • Zairagarcia1110

    I have a galaxy s (vibrant) 2.2 from t-mobile and when I go to update my phone it says “no firmware”. what is that?

  • Isackumar

    Any update pl.send me mail

    • BlindDara !o-o!

      i think u can just google or go to the website of your phone for update you can look for any updates for your phone, dowload it to your PC then transfer file to the sdcard, run to recovery mode on your android phone and from their you can install updates,, dont waste time searching for that “software update” button,,

  • Nikhilkamal2007

    Hai i have galaxy mini GT-s5570 & their is no softeware update option in”about phone” option what will i do to update my android os?

  • Guest

    hi i have a tmobile rapport and i cant get an android update

  • Hudson

    Hey, I have a huawei ideos and i know that android have released a new version but I can’t seem to download it! Can you help?

  • lg p350

    is there anyway to download the new software without needing to go on wifi

  • I have a Hauwie  M860  with a ver. of 2.1 and how can I  update to the newest ver.???

    • a1ex

      Wow, I have the EXACT same question! Can anybody help us out?

  • Rishab

    I have huawei ideos x2 i want 2.3 update for it now running 2.2 

  • Barkle89

    i dont have the option in my settings or about phone to check for new updates  someone help please

  • rajesh4

    How can i update my karbonn a1 mobile

    • Aditya Ramesh

      i too have a karbonn a1 mobile!
      i managed to root it
      i went and checked the cyanogen website for updates but as expected found none
      i want to upgrade my android os from 2.2 to 2.3
      what do i do???
      everytime i check for updates it says that my phone is up to date

  • aksjfblskdfj

    i don’t have the system update button on my samsung galaxy s2 and it’s on 2.3.3

    • Shanemascarenhas

      you have to connect your mobile to the pc and open kies on your pc it will update the phone

  • Diana

    Everytime I update, it gets stuck at the Rebooting part and never fully installs for some reason. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Two_two03

       mine too! do you have it rooted?

  • black

    i have htc desire hd, i had rooted it to 2.3.5 and htc sense 3.0 . i read that it has already recieved the ICS version, i made the same steps that were mentioned here but it didnt work because i dont have “System update” option …. Somebody HELP me please………. :'(

  • admir060

    i have alcatel one touch whit android system 2.2.3 pls tell me how to update it cant whit options i need update because i am limited whith apps from market helllpppp

  • admir060

    i have alcatel one touch whit android system 2.2.3 pls tell me how to update it cant whit options i need update because i am limited whith apps from market helllpppp

  • Naidusurvey

    How can i upgrade Micromax A75 ?

    is it possible to install Adobe Flash Player 11?

    i need to install Flash Player in Micromax A75. Can u give me any suggestions ?

  • Guest

    I have an HTC Wildfire S which i got just a few days ago. I think I accidentally refused the update, because it says I am running on version 2.3.3, and whenever i click on update software nothing pops up telling me there is a new android version available, but I am trying to get 2.3.5. Can anyone help? Greatly appreciated!

  • Jordan

    i still have 2.2.2 Android, and AnyCut doesn’t Exist, and a few steps didnt exist in settings

  • Zainmehdi99

    I hve mpman 824 wd 2.2 android. Market nd applib doesnt work nd how do i update version

  • RaNdOmGuY

    how do i update a galaxy 5

  • Ttdingobaby

    Can’t download on my lg lw690 any starts but status bar never changes. Used to work fine now it just says downloading untitled til l it finally fails.

  • Brityoung16

    How do I update lg 2x optimus from 2.2 to newest software?? HELP

  • Amit Kapoor

    the exact way to boot is first of all pres on button with press home button and then press cal key. your boot menu will open

  • Enuhj

    this is all bullshit! NO UPDATE option at all and NO ANYCUT apps at all!!! grrrr

  • Enuhj

    this is all bullshit! NO UPDATE option at all and NO ANYCUT apps at all!!! grrrr

    • Everyone knows this is bullshit! I don’t even have that update button!!!

      • idiot

        This guy must be a genius

    • Zero Group

      Hey here is how to get the update done on your samsung phone

  • Scorpio1957barbara

    ALL I asked, r, wanted 2 know is how lng dis install takes. Mins r hrs? Does anybody knw? I cant even google up an answr! It sends u roun da mulberry bush 2! Why cant goggle evr answr any questzn r nquiry I hav? Why doesnt dis so-cald android smrtph advse u wen prompd r nquiryn permiszn 2 nstal da system updte? SOMEBDY PLS… (as Tina Turner sings) tel me wuzs on dis thng MINE!!!

    • Yousuck

      they probably don’t answer because you can’t spell for shit

  • Luis

    Everybody’s Android is updating to Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwhich) But my droid incredible is still on version 2.3.4

    It keeps saying I’m currently updated

  • Makoman

    this worked on galaxy ace

    • Tina Nichols

      Will i loose are my stuff if updated my phone

  • Sky

    I can choose to update it, but they stated that additional charges might incur, will I be charged?

  • Niroj Maharjan

    is it work in galaxy s5570i pop plus mobile set n it need a samsung’s acount

  • me

    i already upgrade my tablet 7.0 plus to android ice cream sandwich but the android version still not change…any body can answers me…TQ

  • yogesh

    Hi I am having mobile Dell XCD 35 / i think its same as ZTE blade, it has Android version 2.2 and I want to undate version 2.3 Please help my email id

  • Jay

    How do I update my Samsung Galaxy 5 – GTI5503T

  • BlackShooter 54

    How to Update the android Version in LG P970

  • ana

    how do i update a vortex android ?

  • shreyas

    im unable to update my galaxy pro .. plzzz hlp me n show me a way to upgrade my phone

  • Galaxy1

    Easy go to
    Then go to the searc engine in the page (black rectangular box) put phone code and see if its there (color of does not matter. Once done click “read” more on phone version and follow steps.

  • samad

    it says no updates when i no it needs an update. i ahve got th lowest android and need it updated! please HELP!!!

  • psalm manarpiis

    I have android phone (MyPhone a848Duo) running android 4.0.4
    You can help me to update this at android 4.1?

  • psalm manarpiis


  • kapil

    i have LG P500 itis v2.3.3 , how can be it will be updated.after updating it will take some memory so possibilty of getting slow of system????is it true???

  • ansary

    lg gt540 mach update 4.1 icecrem sendwith.

  • d

    how to update andriod version 2.3.4??

    • Guest

      read the above instructions given above…:P

    • Veenit Kohar

      read the above instructionsss

  • Gujjar

    Hi.. Miqdadi
    Hw r u

  • i got check for updates in my phone, but when i check it, it doesnt seem to show if theres any update for the software. can someone help me??

  • Tilak

    Recently bought Galaxy Nexus from Google with ICS 4.0 – there is no “System Updates” option in the About Phone menu. Can you please help on how to update the software to latest version and how to get the System Updates option?

  • Adam Sandhurst

    My galixy exhibit 3g says no firmwar

  • Zaie Hilmi

    but if i tap the ‘system update’ column, he say there is no internet connection and the place that i sit have a connected wifi

    • Veenit Kohar

      restore your cell to factory settings and try again
      if there is a update available it will notify you when you are connected to wifi

  • max

    can someone please help, i get to the about phone part but theres no system updates button?

  • Rahmat Minhas

    Hi.I have Toshiba AT.300 tablet software of Google.Can’t play any video on face book ,how can it start showing videos and playing music.

  • skype

    Hi when ito start update my cellphine he say no update avible

  • Giggleberry


  • Ga peach

    Hello. my daughter has a lg motion phone from metro pcs and her play store will not open up. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance

    • Veenit Kohar

      download google play and install it on her cell
      it will start working if it supports any android version
      n plzz try to improve your english

      • you

        You should take a look at the way you speak English first before you criticize others’, you hypocrite.

        • supersonic11


  • Veenit Kohar

    android 4.4 coming soon this october

  • Abigail Samuels

    hi i have an unlocked at&t galaxy s2 in jamaica. when i want to update the software it tells me I have to be near a tower. is there another way I can update it?

  • I am looking to get upgrade my android intot he Kitkat 4.4. I think it would be interesting one.

  • Makayla

    i go to about phone but i dont see anything that says system updates.

  • sarvesh

    i can’t find an system update option in my dell XCD35

  • shubham

    Can anyone please help ….
    i cant update my android ….

  • nvchowdary

    Hello sir, how to update for jellybean verson from my htc g2

  • nvchowdary

    Not support my htc g2 for upgrade to jellybean version

  • xsaveeaver

    Im using a LG-P690f, and i go to check for a software update, but it says ‘Connection failed caused by authentication error.? i’ve tried to search for it on the internet but i can only find authentication error on internet issues, my internet is fine, the only thing i cannot do is search for a software update… please help

  • sai minn naung

    how to firmware for all andrio

  • sam

    “System updates” option, then how to update

  • sam

    am using LG-P500

    “System updates” option, then how to update..?

  • angel

    i can’t see the ‘system updates’ option on my phone :(

  • ram vishwakarma

    xolo a500 update link

  • enchadero

    I’m using a Samsung Exhibit 4G, and I don’t see any system updates option on my phone.

    • aungkhaing


      • aungkhaing

        GT-I9100 for how to update?

  • asad

    what if system updates option is not shown

  • Gilbert

    It’s ok better than my last phone. Would likr to find out how to connect to my computer.

  • ManjuCS

    Hello, once the android software is updated, i wanted to know what all the new features were updated.

  • raphael

    hi. how do i tranfer my data from a windows 8 phone to android

  • Xmileager Fuel Saver MillageBo

    Hello I have Smart Phone Android Jeelybeen 4.1.1 how update

  • Collins

    Am using HTC with model number 99HEWO38-00 how can i update it.


  • Boop

    What are the newest versions and setting on Samsung Galaxy S5?
    Mine so the G900A please need to know where to get the last update

    • Warren Mull

      Go to settingo scroll to bottom click about and then system updates, my has system updates as the last option and I don’t have to click about every phone is different

  • tiger333

    I have version 2.2.1, build #FRG83, software LG-P500h-V10v Followed yr instruction for checking android updates, however no ‘system updates’ option found. Checked the P500 manual– no mention of this feature. Guess I am out of luck with Skype recently announcing no longer available to 2.2 versions and under; I could not access it as of today.

    • Mukand

      Yoy can check for updates by dialing *#*#2432546#*#*

      • Warren Mull

        That doesn’t work on my phone.

    • Warren Mull

      Try finding a upgrade assistant program because it’s old it doesn’t have an ota updates option ota started in android 3 or 4 I think.

  • Arr Win

    My phone is fly F40+ with android version 2.3.5 soo help me to update it……

  • poli

    Hi how to update my HTC 210 and when am get new version for this

  • عبدالمتين مؤحد

    How should I deactivate update from my Android Galaxy S4 the old version was better than updated one.

  • entsuu rak

    using a LG GW620! can’t update it.. stand at 1.5 android version .. help!

  • Danny Smith

    I’m running Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat, in the About Phone screen under System Update it says “Check System Update on Server” – WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ? is there anything I need to do ? please help

  • luci

    Just had an update on my phone and what have they done? ! I keep dropping my wifi connection. It’s driving me nuts. I also have Vodafone sure signal. … Please help! Tried restarting and signing off and on to router. …..nothing doing!

  • JamesLillyMoreno

    I have a LG Doubleplay and mine doesn’t say that.

  • Dwjuam Bell

    I have cm security on my android phone. And my phone is stolen. I try locating my phone threw the app. And it keep bring up a date from a month ago. how do I update my app? or how can I find the customer service phone number?

  • April Hendricks

    I downloaded the lollipop on my s5… it was on here for 2 days. I had to hard rest my phone to get it off. .. horrible!

  • Vanessa Lai

    I have an Alcatel 5020 t Megan jelly bean 4.1.1

  • muftah

    hello pleas who can Help me I,need to install new os android for smartphone mobile type is huawei c8815 ibuy from china its orignal mobile

  • Danny Payne

    Please can you tell me why I can’t install or update certain apps on my phone I have a note 3 system is all updated bit no joy with the apps please help

  • Justin Cowger

    My android is pass its update but have yet to recieve any notice. I click the deal and it just says no firmware. i just transferred this Samsung Galaxy S from T-Mobile to Metro PCS

    • Warren Mull

      Is it s, s2, s3, s4, s5, or s6?

  • Diana

    I have just received a FIT BIT Surge for a birthday gift and already have the Fit BIt app as i had “The One” fit bit but I am now adding another device. When trying to download and syn my Surge it says firmware needs to be updated however my system update on my phone says its all up to date. Help want to use my new gift

  • jay

    my anroid version is 4.4.2 but my apps are now crashing after some google updates .. who can fix this? .. the phone provider or google system? ..

    • Bill Eudy

      the playstore offers a free apt to fix this problem with 4.4

  • Sahil Patel

    This option not to be selected on my phone please say me to how to my hsl h8+ phone update KitKat to lollipop…… Please sent reply me fast

  • Sweety Mehta

    I have SPH-L720 Samsung s4 mobile , which is unlocked and using in India. .can I upgrade software to 5.0?

  • Mika Muller

    i have a Samsung galaxy s3 mini… can i upgrade software to 5.0?

  • Lorraine Nurdin

    I have android 4.4.2but when ihabe gone onto my phone therte is no where to update is there anything else I can do

  • Here

    I have android 4.4.2 and it doesnt have that option can anyone help please respond

  • Lugnest Roberts

    Hey guys I attempted to use the over the air update with wifi and I’m told I don’t have a connection even after it went through the process and why can’t this just be simplified better instead of having so many ways why can’t there be just one. I should not have to worry about whether l’m allowing myself for a hack. I’m on a ZTE mobile Android. I don’t even use WiFi but I just want to be done with this damn update. I need help ASAP and tired of loosing data.

  • Robert Ward

    I tried to check for updates on my phone its a huawei prono and it says authentication failed how do i fix that

  • fahim

    i want upgrade micro max a62 bolt andriod 2.3.5 now upgrade 4.0.4 how can upgrade give details of upgrade and also software.which software want and how load and upgrade mobile.

  • fahim

    and whare are micro max service centre in hyderabad.

  • Peter Watson

    There is a last updated date in PlayStore, what kind of update does it refer to?
    If there is an update to fixed content/words of the application would it changed the date?


  • ashiq

    My android no software update option help

  • harry bono

    I just received “system update” for my Sprint LG G4, after following promps and it was finished I wanted to check what exactly update was for. I followed totorial, system>about phone >I don’t have selection for system updates just “update center” is that the same thing?

  • Suprotik Saha

    I have honor 5c there is no further upgrade although in its website more upgraded version is available.

  • Viriality


    middle of the night, getting ready for bed when my android phone decides to do a huge major OS upgrade.

    taking an hour so far and worst of all, i need my phone for my alarm so I cant go to sleep yet because it probably won’t be on after the update finishes….

  • Its Me

    Last night I got a notice that the update from Marshmallow (6.0.1) to Nougat (7.xx) was available for my Samsung J5 (2016). After “successfully” updating to the new software I see in the About Phone settings that version 6.0.1 is still the latest software version on my phone and I don’t see any difference in the way my phone’s interface looks or behaves. What’s up with that?

    • PlayamadeRo

      That sounds great (thanks)