Hands-On With CUE System By Cadillac (Video)


We can’t let our readers think our CES coverage is only about phones and tablets— we know you all love gadgets in your cars too. That’s why we had our own Rob Nazarian go hands on with automaker Cadillac’s new Cadillac User Experience system— also known as CUE. Think of CUE as Cadillac’s answer to Ford’s SYNC system. Here, you can see the gorgeous 8-inch touchscreen similar to that of an iPad or Android tablet and the capacitive buttons work seemlessly with one another to power the Linux-based CUE. You’ll also notice the cool proximity sensing feature– which is the system knowing when your hand is close to the screen. You’re all wondering what that means and how this neat feature works, right? It’s simple— imagine being parked or at a complete stop and having a plethora of options available at your fingertips: navigation system, audio, temperature controls, etc. Then as you’re in motion, many of the options on the screen that may pose as useless or unnecessary while in motion would disappear, thus making it easy for you to identify the more important functions you may need while more importantly— keeping you from being distracted while driving.

Now for the kicker: there is the ability to sync your Android phone to the CUE system. While you can’t send maps from your phone to the CUE unit, you do have the ability to run apps from your phone directly to CUE. For example, if your phone has Pandora installed and you feel like streaming music to the Caddy’s audio system, it’s as simple as plugging your phone into the system through the USB connector and seeing the Pandora app open directly from CUE itself. There will be an app store for CUE, but there’s no word yet on which apps will be available. Naturally, there is the ability to sync up your phone’s contacts, call log and even voicemails to the unit. If you’re not impressed yet, check out the CUE system in action below and you will be by the end of it.


About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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