Verizon Galaxy Nexus Battery Cover and Battery Show Up on Samsung’s Website

A few days ago we noticed that Verizon retail stores started to receive a couple different cases already for the Galaxy Nexus. Well, today we are seeing that Samsung has now even added replacement batteries and battery covers onto their website as well.

Earlier in the month we had a little bit of hope that the actual device would carry as little branding as possible. Based on the pictures from Samsung’s website, we see that Verizon has added their obnoxious logo on top of the previously pictured 4G LTE emblem putting all wishful thinking to a rest. At least the screen is beautifully vacant though, right? Now only if we had an official release date! These new website additions leads me to believe that the wait is finally almost over. Are you ready?

[via Samsung]

  • seth

    This is infuriating. Verizon just doesn’t get it. Premium devices such as the iPhone have MINIMAL BRANDING. We don’t need to be reminded what carrier we’re on, we don’t need our devices looking like NASCAR vehicles. I still want this device, here’s hoping I can get my hands on an unbranded LTE GNex back.