Galaxy Nexus Accessories Already Showing Up in Verizon Stores

It’s really a shame that Verizon hasn’t given us a Galaxy Nexus launch date yet, leaving us to only go off of speculation. We have heard a bunch of different rumors surrounding the device’s launch: November 10, 17, 21 and as late as sometime after black Friday. Which is it Big Red? Your starting to piss a few of us off already. This launch should be epic. One that goes down in history. Instead they are just sitting back for some reason, watching all the speculation, all the while brick and mortar stores are receiving shipments of accessories! You read correctly, accessories already!

Reports are showing images of Galaxy Nexus cases showing up in Verizon’s retail stores. There is a case with kickstand/holster combo and a silicon cover that has arrived in-store before they have even announced the official release date. It’s gonna be hard to sell a Galaxy Nexus case without a damn phone to put in it! So please Verizon, cut us some slack here and give us some kind of release date! We have been patient for a good while now.

[via Droid Life]

About the Author: Stacy Bruce

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  • Anon

    I’m beginning to think that the device is not ready for prime time yet. Perhaps Verizon or samsung are stalling to allow them more time to sell phones like the razr or the gs2 which are bundled with the software that they wantto push on people.

  • Curt

    I believe that Verizon is stalling, but if you notice in previous releases, Verizon doesn’t announce a device until just before it is released. The announcement email for the Bionic was sent out the day before you were able to order. The Razr was announced less than 48 hours from when you could preorder.

    But Verizon does play favorites with Motorola. The decision not to sell the Galaxy II was made not to take away sales from the Bionic. They give a lot more fanfare to Motorola products, than any other manufacturer they carry. The decision to delay the Galaxy Nexus is to appease Motorola for more Razr sales.

    I doubt that Samsung is delaying anything. It’s possible that they might be manufacturing delays, or manufacturing capacity issues, but I am sure that Samsun is eager to get the Nexus out on Verizon. Its too bad that other manufacturers cannot see that there is a pent up demand for vanilla Android products. If they would just put their ‘skins’ as an launcher app, instead of tightly integrate them in Android, the upgrades will be smoother, quicker, and more people would be loyal to the brand. I guess that the people making that decision are not technical people. They just cannot see what the people want.

  • I have that same kickstand holster/cover for my Bionic and I love it. I am returning my Bionic however bcuz it has too many bugs (apps disappearing, etc.). I have til the 17th-18th to return it (thru Amazon) but if they don’t have the Nexus yet I’m going with the Rezound.