Quick Look At Today’s Free Amazon App: OfficeSuite Pro 5

Today’s Free Amazon App is perfect for anyone, but especially those constantly on the go (which is most of us). OfficeSuite Pro 5 not only the free deal of the day, but perhaps the free deal of the year. The app, created by Mobile Systems, Inc. is a productivity suite aimed to help make our lives just a little easier.

You’ll be able to access tools for word processing, develop spreadsheets, and browse PDF and Powerpoint files.

You will have the ability to create new Powerpoint decks using preloaded templates (or a blank slate if you choose) as well as create new Word documents and Excel Spreadsheets from scratch.  There is the added capability of being able to access documents not only from your email directly, but on your SD card or phone’s memory card itself as well as files stored on remote locations. I personally used both Word and Powerpoint functions and found it was sufficient enough to make basic edits such as changing words and highlighting text in a Word Document to adding notes to a Powerpoint slide.

I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to have the ability to do basic functions while on the go. Some of you may have been in a rush or delayed while on your way to an important presentation and forgot to make that important correction to your document or spreadsheet. OfficeSuite Pro 5 allows users to do just that and more without hassle.

This app normally runs for $14.99, but is available for free today. Those who have the Amazon App store on your device, just hit the source link below. For those who don’t have the app yet, make sure your Android device has sideloading enabled (Settings –> Applications –> Check Unknown Sources box) and go here to enter your phone number or email in the upper right hand corner (where it says “Get Started”). You will then receive a download link and be well on your way to added productivity in your life. Don’t forget to let us know how the app works out for you in the Comments below.

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About the Author: Roy Alugbue

Conceived as Spock’s 4th cousin, Roy has had quite the life. He was born in beautiful San Jose, California, raised in Los Angeles, California and now resides in the greater New York City area. He has always been fascinated and obsessed with technology, especially the continuous advancements of mobile platforms. He was a Blackberry slave since his undergrad days at the University of Southern California until realizing in Feb. 2011, there were greener pastures in the land of Android. His first Android phone was the Motorola Atrix 4G, and he hasn’t looked back. He currently works in corporate media, enjoys following media and technology trends, reading a good book, weightlifting, playing on his XBOX 360 and conversing with total strangers.

  • David

    I installed it, but then saw the permissions it wanted and promptly uninstalled it. Why does a document editing tool need access to the entire phone’s functions?

  • P Morton

    I’m getting quite sick of “The Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States”.
    Way to alienate the rest of the world! Why can’t they at least give us the free apps?

  • Hey David I can certainly understand your reluctance of an app needing access to your phone’s functions. However, I wouldn’t let it deter you from trying it out at the least. It’s a solid app that gives you more value than you think.

  • P Morton, I am not sure of why the Amazon App Store is unavailable to those outside of the States. Hopefully they will offer something similar to those elsewhere in the world. :-/