Here’s a trippy live wallpaper for you

A developer named Jfreu sent us a live wallpaper that really trips you out. Basically it it’s a live wallpaper that is “based on a stereographic projection which can be done on any equirectangular image.” What you do is install the APK and select the special photos. When you run your finger over the screen the wallpaper will move with it in any direction. Depending on the wallpaper it can get quite psychedelic. It was quite interesting watching the wallpaper move as I was trying it out.

The application can be downloaded from here.

He also has a wealth of additional equirectangular images here.

  • Will Pittman

    Fisheye wallpaper?

  • Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • sonic

    Very clever but it won’t recognize the folder I give it.

  • Jfreu

    Little correction, actually the available in the link is the test version. The real app is available on the market.

  • lakeshow

    Could not find on marketplace, looks very cool. Tried to install via direct download but couldnt get to work.

  • Jfreu

    Does your phone support live wallpapers ? did you browser the live wallpapers to find it ? do you have an error at install ?

  • lakeshow

    Have live wallpapers on a droid 2.1 Tried searching live wallpapers and by your name Jfreu. Not too familar with installing via apk, but tried app installer and astro file manager without them finding proper files for install.

  • Jfreu

    If you have a barcode scanner you can try these : (for the full version) (for the test version)

  • OBeeasss

    how do you get it to recongize a folder you assign it

  • Jfreu

    @OBeeasss :
    Use the “select image folder” option in the settings.