Google begins testing Music Service internally


About a month ago, we saw that there were some additional URLs in the Android Market which pointed to a service we know as Google Music (name may change at launch). We also heard about the Music Sync feature in Android 3.0 which a user was able to successfully turn on and begin syncing his music to some Google cloud server that isn’t supposed to exist yet.

All of this is pointing to the Google Music service starting up very soon, as we know have news from Cnet that states Google has already started testing this service with its staff. the service will supposedly allow a Google Music subscriber to sync their library to a Google cloud server for streaming to any Android device or computer. You’ll also be able to buy online music as well, and have it stored in the cloud. If you don’t feel like waiting, you could probably get it going now by trying the hacks at this XDA thread.

[via mobileattack, cnet]

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  • Chris

    Not sure how it could possibly trump an already existing service like Rdio.