Pokemon Go hints at trainer battles coming very soon

Niantic is finally starting to detail one of the most hotly anticipated features for Pokemon Go, and it’s bringing a ton of new features and polish with it. Yep, trainer battles are finally coming to the mobile Pokemon game, years after the initial release.

Battles are one of the core components of the Pokemon franchise, and even though Pokemon Go was more of a spinoff title, it’s been something that many players have wanted to get that more traditional Pokemon experience. You won’t have to wait much longer, either, as Niantic says it should be live by the end of the month.

So how will these battles work? You’ll simply have to share your Battle Code with another trainer, then pick three Pokemon to take into battle. You’ll normally have to be nearby to battle, but Ultra Friends and Best Friends can initiate a battle from anywhere.

There are three different leagues with CP limits to keep things on an even playing field, so unless you’re playing in the top league with no limit you won’t get blasted by a team of Pokemon that are 10x stronger than what you have.

Unlike regular Pokemon games these battles are all real-time instead of turn based, so you’ll want to pay attention and keep your Pokemon on the offensive. There are twists to the format, though, with the ability to use candy and stardust to power up your moves and deploy protective shields for your Pokemon.

To help players get used to this, Pokemon Go will also be releasing some gym leaders to help you train your team and net some exclusive items. Keep an eye out for this update later this month.

source: Pokemon Go

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