[TA Deals] Pick up the famous SimCity 4 for less than $5!

Itching for some nostalgia, or just looking for an in-depth simulation game to waste 100 hours? SimCity 4 is the answer, and it’s arguably still better than even the newer SimCity 2014.

There’s a ton of content here that has you building up your city from scratch, managing your town’s traffic and transportation, economy, laws, and everything else that goes into managing a sprawling metropolis. Seriously, I can’t even count how many hours I’ve put into old-school SimCity over the years.

  • Create an entire region of cities & connect them w/ an integrated transportation network
  • Design your own world & summon volcanoes, tornadoes, meteors & more to challenge your city
  • Build stadiums, airports, universities & real-world landmarks to make a world-class city
  • Overcome crime & disasters by deploying emergency vehicles
  • Analyze your sims’ activity to get better insights on how your city is doing

Not only is SimCity 4 a ton of fun, but it’s cheap. You can pick up a key for the game for just $4.99 and spend the rest of your day carefully planning out a city that you’ll inevitably name after yourself.

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