Google adds eSIM support to more carriers for the Pixel 3

Google was one of the first companies to the eSIM party last year with the Pixel 2, which offered its own eSIM compatibility with Project Fi. The Pixel 3 (our review) continued the trend, and now Google is going even further by expanding eSIM support to even more carriers. No more searching around for a SIM card, finding a tool to open your SIM tray, and fitting the too-small card in!

This still isn’t totally universal, unfortunately, but in the US Sprint has joined the ranks of supported carriers, with EE in the UK and Airtel and Reliance Jio in India, among others around the globe. German carriers Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone will be offering Pixel 3 phones with an eSIM very soon.

Should you buy the Google Pixel 3?

But Google isn’t pushing things forward on their own. They’ve announced they’ll make it much easier going forward for other manufacturers to create eSIM capable smartphones, which should speed up the adoption of this new tech in the next few years.

source: Google

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