Google Pixel 3 gets unboxed early. Really early.

The Google Pixel 3, technically, isn’t a real device yet. Google hasn’t even announced it and it’s definitely not available to purchase anywhere. But thanks to some really crafty leaks, tons of details have been popping up online over the weekend, including a full unboxing video. This might be the first time we’ve had an unboxing before the announcement, I think.

It’s a pretty high quality unboxing, too, despite not being from the usual suspects of big tech personalities. It doesn’t necessarily reveal anything that hasn’t already leaked, but it does give us a really good look at the massive notch on the front of the device. There are also USB C headphones in the box, plus the USB C to headphone jack adapter.

Maybe Google will still have something up their sleeve to surprise us with, but if you want to spoil the main event, check out the video below.