Honor 10 gets GPU Turbo graphics boost and new camera features in latest update

It’s just a month ago since Huawei announced its GPU Turbo technology that promises to boost graphics performance by up to 60% and optimize power consumption while gaming by up to 30%. After a limited beta test, the software update has begun rolling out to the Honor 10 initially with other Huawei and Honor handsets scheduled in the coming months. Besides the graphics boost, the update also brings some notable camera improvements with it.

We’ve run the GPU Turbo update on our Honor 10 for the last few days as part of the beta test spent some time playing PUBG Mobile, purely for research purposes of course. Before the software update (B143) was installed, the frames-per-second rate tended to lurch from the high teens to around the 29fps mark. After the update was installed, the rate was hitting the magical 30fps mark consistently with just the occasional blip to 28-29fps. The Honor 10 did get quite warm after the 18-minute PUBG session, but not uncomfortably so. For the moment, the list of compatible games includes PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, and Asphalt 9: Legends although more are expected to be added as time goes on.

Besides GPU Turbo, the B143 update also brings with it a bunch of camera improvements such as the AI Stabilization function, as featured on the Huawei P20 Pro. This means that Honor 10 users will be able to take night shots with 5 or 6 second exposure times without needing to use a tripod which makes such a massive difference to the way you take photos at night or in low-light conditions. The ability to take slow-motion video clips @480fps has also been added.

While the GPU Turbo graphics boost is undoubtedly exciting news, most users will find that the addition of AIS will make a huge difference in the way they use the Honor 10. The Honor 10 is the first to receive the GPU Turbo update which has begun rolling out this week, and it’s by no means the last. You can check out which other Huawei and Honor handsets are scheduled to receive the update here.

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    But My Honor 10 has not received this update yet. Can u pls tell me when this update will be rolled out for us indian honor 10 users