Our favorite cheap security Wyze cameras now support Amazon Alexa integration

The Wyze camera, one of our favorite options for an incredibly cheap and effective option to keep an eye on your house, has picked up a new trick to better integrate with the rest of your smart home. The latest update makes the camera compatible with an Amazon Alexa skill, so you can use your Echo devices to call up your different camera streams.

Officially, the skill works with the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and Fire tablets above generation 7, which basically just means you’ll need a screen. Non-screen devices won’t work, obviously.

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If everything is compatible, you can ask Alexa to show particular cameras around your house, so you’ll want to make sure everything is named. If you ask to show your living room camera, for example, Alexa will stream your camera feed to your television display. That works for any cameras you set up, although you won’t be able to control your cameras or use the 2-way audio feature.

Oh, last catch; you’ll need one of the newer V2 Wyze cameras, or one of the panning cameras in order to use this skill. Sorry, early adopters.

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