[TA Deals] Become a backend developer with this comprehensive education bundle!

If you want to learn to become a full backend developer, you’re going to want our massive Ultimate Backend Developer bundle. It will teach you the basics of tons of different technologies and programming languages that you’ll need, and it won’t break the bank, either.

This bundle includes 890 lessons over 14 courses, including content on web development, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, C, and even a little bit of Android development and Java. You’ll be hard pressed to find this much variety in one place anywhere else.

There are some beginner courses, too, so you won’t need to be an expert coming in. But after you’ve worked your way through the entire bundle, you’ll be in great shape to start chasing a new job or hobby.

Right now you can get this bundle for just $49, a whopping 98% discount off the list price of buying all of this content individually.

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