[TA Deals] Simplify your life with a discounted Mindbliss subscription

If you’re constantly busy, you could almost definitely benefit from some guided meditation and controlled breathing exercises. It can be hard to fit that into a schedule, though, and that’s where the AI-powered Mindbliss comes in.

Instead of practicing meditation on your own, Mindbliss uses AI to figure out if you’re trying to sleep better, relieve some stress, or make your mornings a little bit better and curates your meditation practices around that.

  • Access hundreds of sessions for meditations, mindfulness, breathing & more
  • Relax w/ single-sit meditations & save your favorites for offline listening
  • Expand your practice w/ multi-part sessions that last 5-9 days
  • Track your progress & build your habit w/ the personal tracker
  • Become present w/ guided meditations, breathing exercises & 3D nature soundscapes

Right now we’re offering a discounted Mindbliss lifetime subscription for just $49, an 88% discount off the list price. There are also cheaper multi-year options if you want to test it out before committing forever, too.

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