Continued Conversation launches for Google Home for better AI conversations

During Google I/O this year, Google showed off Continued Conversations for their Google Home devices, a new feature that will allow users to keep up a conversation with their virtual assistant without having to repeatedly say a hotword before every sentence. That feature is finally rolling out today to Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max.

Once your smart home devices have updated, you’ll be able to find the new setting in the Google Home app under preferences.

With the setting turned on, you’ll only have to start a conversation with “Hey Google” once, but then you can follow up requests and commands by simply continuing your talking instead of interjecting another “Okay Google” phrase.

This means you’ll be able to ask Google about the weather today, but then immediately ask about the weather the next day, add something specific to your shopping list, or pretty much anything you can think of without interrupting your natural conversational flow. The Google Home does this by staying awake and listening for a bit longer after completing a command. Simple, but effective.

source: Google

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