Bethesda brings the Elder Scrolls Blades to your smartphone, launches later this year

Bethesda has had a very busy e3 conference, and in the middle of their announcements was a plan to bring their famous Elder Scrolls franchise to mobile in the best way possible. The newest installment in the Elder Scrolls family is titled Elder Scrolls Blades, and it’s coming to your smartphone later this year.

The game itself follows the typical Elder Scrolls formula of dungeon crawling, item collecting, and character creating, but with a very touchscreen-friendly interface.

There are three modes to the game, covering random dungeon exploration, PvP combat, and a main story/build mode where you can experience a more traditional Elder Scrolls game with some extra town-building elements. The combat is refined to work with touch screens, and the PvP will allow users to play across all of their platforms, including phones, computers, and virtual reality. Supposedly, anyway.

Elder Scrolls Legends will be free when it releases later this year, which might mean we’ll see some extra micro transactions like what’s in Fallout Shelter. You’ll be able to pre-order the game ahead of its release very soon, and we’ll update with a download link as soon as that’s available. Bethesda’s site has more information about the game and will let you sign up for early access, too.

source: Bethesda

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