Android P Developer Preview 3 is rolling out, and factory images are live

Google has released the third Developer Preview of Android P, which means you should be getting an OTA update if you’re in the beta program very soon. If you want to manually get things going, factory images are live, too.

The factory images were the first sign of the updated build, although the OTA came shortly after. That’s backwards from the typical updates, but hey, we’re here now.

The updates are available for the original Google Pixel as well as the Google Pixel 2, in both regular and XL variants. If you’re concerned about any potential issues, Google’s own release notes mention that there are still stability and performance issues with subpar battery life, and the interface is still experiencing lag and frozen states. Bluetooth and NFC are both having problems, and some Accessibility services are going to have issues.

If those aren’t a deterrent, flash away! Let us know how it goes.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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