[TA Deals] Improve your reading speed with this comprehensive bundle

No matter what career you’re in or what hobbies you have, being able to read quicker will always be a helpful skill. It’s been linked to having more success in school and work, and we’ve got a bundle that will help you start your speed running journey.

The bundle includes two pieces of software: 7 Speed Reading EX, and Spreeder CX 2018. The first piece of software will train and improve your reading speed, while Spreeder is actually a digital e-reader that displays words and sentences from URLs, books, and other digital sources in a speedy but natural way to help you read things in a natural way.

You’ll get a lifetime license to both pieces of software, which normally costs close to $500 altogether. Right now we’ve got that discounted 96%, bringing your price down to just $19 for both.

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