Google working on allowing the Allo web client to work without your phone

Google recently released the web version of Allo, but the desktop client comes with a huge caveat; you have to keep your phone on and connected to the internet to actually use it. That pretty much completely defeats the point of a desktop chat client, but hey, it’s Google.

Don’t worry, though! Google is working on bringing Allo into the cloud, which will allow users to chat without their phone, finally putting Allo on par with something like Google Hangouts.

I don’t know if any of you are actually still using Allo at this point, but for the few of us still hanging on, new features are always welcome.

source: Justin Uberti (Twitter)

  • Traian

    what do you mean “hey, it’s google”? this is the same way whatsapp web has been working since day one and there’s no sign to its stopping anytime soon.