Google I/O 2018 signups are open!

Google I/O 2018 takes place in May this year, and Google has just opened up signups for the event to the general public. There are a few steps to take and entry isn’t guaranteed, but we’ll walk you through it if you’re interested.

First up, you’ll have to sign up at Google’s website with your Google account. Academic tickets are $375, while general admission will cost $1150, and you’ll have to put a card on file with Google whether or not you actually get the ticket.

By February 28th, Google will randomly select users and distribute tickets. Putting in your application early doesn’t help your chances, but you’ll obviously want to knock it out before the application process is over.

So don’t wait, and be sure to keep an eye out for Google I/O 2018 coverage from Talk Android in May!

Google I/O Registration Website