Samsung never learns, might unveil a new social network with the Galaxy S9

Samsung likes to throw things at a wall to see what sticks, but man, they’ve had some absolute duds and failures over the years, especially on the software side. We’ve had messaging apps like ChatOn, social networks for Galaxy Note users with PenUp, music streaming services and video hubs with Milk Music and Milk Video, and tons of other half-baked ideas that hung around way too long.

If you thought Samsung learned their lesson, think again. They might try the social media thing again with the Galaxy S9.

The service, tentatively called “Uhssup,” would be exclusive to South Korea (at first, at least) and will revolve around location-based sharing and interacting. On the surface, it sounds pretty much like a social network that focuses only on talking and commenting about locations with other users, which is kind of unique to the current crop of popular social media networks and a throwback to Foursquare type networks.

Samsung is no stranger to building out their own apps to compete with Google and others, despite a very mixed track record of actually accomplishing that. While this is realistically just going to be another piece of software on the pile, at least it can’t be worse than Google+, right?

I’ll see myself out.

source: Android Authority

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