A weird quirk with Bixby prevents installing a baseball card app on the Galaxy S8

Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant wasn’t exactly met with open arms, and throughout reviews we’ve noted some general weirdness with the app. Every time I use a Galaxy S8 device I always accidentally hit the Bixby button, too, so it’s pretty obvious it needed more time in the oven before officially being released.

But going beyond the usability or functionality of Bixby, apparently it can also keep you from installing a baseball card collecting app. Go figure.

The app, Baseball Card Tracker, is a pretty basic application for keeping up with your baseball card collection. The developer actually noticed that he wasn’t able to install his own application on his new Galaxy S8, and decided to dig in and find out why.

Turns out, the app declares a custom permission that is also somehow declared in Samsung’s Bixby app. Apps can declare custom permissions instead of using the baked in Android permissions to allow other apps to interact with it, which in this case would be to allow other apps to read the card database. However, only one application can declare each specific instance, which is where this issue starts. Both the baseball card tracker and Bixby use bbct.android.lite.permissions.READ.

Why did this happen? It’s hard to tell. BBCT is obviously BaseBall Card Tracker, but Samsung could’ve accidentally used that acronym for something Bixby needs. The developer also posted some bits of code on Stack Overflow a few years ago, which might be where Samsung took some “inspiration” from.

Either way, it’s pretty unlikely this will get fixed in a clean manner. If you want to dig in on some of the really technical stuff about it, you can check out XDA’s breakdown.

source: XDA Developers

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