New OnePlus 5T ‘Smart Test’ videos are ludicrous but cheesy fun

OnePlus has never been the typical phone maker, in the beginning, its made more than a couple faux pas with its advertising and marketing efforts, remember the ‘Smash the Past‘ campaign or the ever so slightly sexist contest that was canned the very day it began? Well, it seems that OnePlus still does off the wall promotions, but in a much more mature fashion, as shown by these cheesy “The OnePlus 5T Smart Tests” videos that we’ve embedded for your viewing pleasure below. 

The first video is called “The Cactus Test” and involves two men clad only in underwear, trying to open up 20 everyday apps while being bombarded with bits of cactus. One man is using a Samsung Galaxy S8, and the other is naturally using a OnePlus 5T. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess which handset won the contest.

The second video is called “The Dog Test” and it consists of a man dressed up in a meat suit that is attacked by a hungry pooch. Literally, a suit made of meat. The man, or moron as he is described, is holding a selfie stick that has both the Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5T mounted on it and the test is to see which phone has better video stabilization while the dog attempts to rip the meat off of the man. Again, it’s no real surprise as to which handset wins.

Source: OnePlus (YouTube)

About the Author: Peter Holden

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