[TA Deals] Pick up this discounted Omnia world travel power adapter

If you travel often, you know it can be a big pain to keep up with multiple adapters for different plugs and countries. To cure that headache, Omnia has a worldwide travel adapter that works in just about any plug you need it to, and right now you can pick it up at a discount.

The Omnia TA502 Travel Adapter supports plugs from over 150 different countries thanks to a unique adaptable mechanism, making it an excellent gadget to toss in your travel bag.

  • Supports charging for any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
  • Slide & lock plug design makes it easy to carry & quickly start charging
  • 5-in-1 interface supports US/UK/EU/AU & USB-A standards
  • Built-in LED charging light indicates charging status
  • Supports USB BC1.2 Intelligent Chipset Standard to protect USB charging

Right now you can pick one up for just $39, nearly 20% off its list price.

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