The Samsung Galaxy S9 might keep the Galaxy S8’s display aspect ratio

Nobody’s questioning whether or not the Galaxy S9 is real, but we are pretty curious about what Samsung plans on changing this time around. One of the things that might not change, however, is the aspect ratio of the display itself.

A new rumor suggests that we’ll once again see that extremely tall 18:5:9 aspect ratio that shipped with the Galaxy S8, keeping a vaguely similar design with 2018’s flagship.

Keeping that same aspect ratio does bring some uniformity and consistency to Samsung’s lineup, but it was also just a really convenient ratio for maximizing screen-to-body on their devices this year. That’s obviously not something that Samsung will go backward on, so this move makes plenty of sense.

We typically see the new Galaxy S device early in the year, so we’ve still got some time for more rumors to come through and clarify things even further. Keep an ear out in case the rumor mill shifts direction.

source: Galaxy Club
via: SamMobile