The OnePlus 5T is now on sale from $499

Unlike some manufacturers that announce a new smartphone and then take months to actually make it available for purchase (yes, LG, I’m looking directly at you), OnePlus’s latest creation, the OnePlus 5T, is now available to order. That’s quite the achievement considering that OnePlus only launched the handset five days ago. 

For the moment there is only one color to choose from, Midnight Black, but you do have the choice of either the standard 6GB/64GB variant for $499/£449 or the higher-specced 8GB/128GB model for the increased price of $559/£499.

If you place an order for the OnePlus 5T today, you can also get a 50% discount on the OnePlus 5T Early Bird Bundle that consists of a 3D Screen Protector and a Protective Case for the phone for $20.08 instead of $39.90. The caveat is that you have to order the OnePlus 5T by midnight tonight to receive the discount.

Shipping is free and is scheduled to begin within four days of purchasing, which means that orders should start arriving anytime from Friday onwards. In case you order and suffer buyers remorse, OnePlus offers a 15-day period to return the handset for a refund.

So, are you rushing off to throw your cash at the OnePlus 5T? Keep in mind that OnePlus is offering double referral points until the end of November with unspecified exclusive gifts for those that make it onto the Top 100 Leaderboard.

Source: OnePlus

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