Samsung’s latest ad trolls Google and LG over Pixel 2 XL display issues

Ahh, Samsung. The Korean handset maker is never one to pull its punches with it comes to trolling competitors. Usually, Samsung goes after Apple, but this time around it has taken to poking its local rival, LG, as well as Google over the OLED display issues seen on the Pixel 2 XL. Samsung’s gentle jab on the ribs has taken the form of clipping excerps of YouTube personalities praising the quality of its Super-AMOLED displays. 

The video features comments from YouTube channels such as UnboxTherapy, Dom Esposito, Marques Brownlee, and SuperSaf, among others, all praising the quality of Samsung’s displays. LG or Google aren’t mentioned in the video, but the timing of the listing is too much a coincidence to be anything but an attempt at trolling from Samsung. The video is full of reviewers saying comments such as:

“Somehow they keep getting better at this”

“It’s the nicest screen ever put on a smartphone”

“The phone is… Sexy”

“Its’s a beautiful thing”

To be fair, it’s no secret that Samsung makes the best displays around, they have done for the last few years and the Super-AMOLED panel on the Galaxy S8 earlier this year simply took the company to a whole new level. Still, LG and Google probably aren’t too happy about being the focus of Samsung’s humor. Hopefully, they will take the jab firmly on the chin, and double their resolve to fix the Pixel 2 XL’s display problems.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)

About the Author: Peter Holden

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