RIP Wear24: Verizon’s exclusive Android Wear smartwatch is gone

Remember Wear24, that LTE-enabled Android Wear device that came out of nowhere alongside the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style? If you completely forgot about it, that’s fine. It definitely didn’t take the market by storm.

In fact, after just a few months of being available, it looks like Verizon has already axed the device from its lineup completely. Typically you don’t see devices being discontinued that quickly, even with poor sales. I’m pretty sure Amazon’s Fire Phone even lasted longer than this thing.

There’s no explicit reason for the discontinuation either, although Verizon did confirm to Droid Life that the watch wouldn’t be restocked.

With all of this being said, it really shows the struggle of LTE-enabled smartwatches in the market. Maybe consumers just don’t care about connecting the devices on their wrist, which is something other companies should pay attention to.

Looking at you, Apple.

source: Droid Life