NVIDIA announces a new remote-only SHIELD TV bundle, already up for preorder

NVIDIA has announced a new slimmed down SHIELD TV bundle that’s aimed at someone who wants all of the advanced tricks that the box has to offer but doesn’t really care about the gaming aspect. This bundle includes the SHIELD TV and a remote, but ditches the controller to shave a bit off the price tag.

This means you’ll still get 4k streaming, the broad range of Android apps, and access to NVIDIA’s GeForce suite in case you decide to buy a remote down the line.

Preorders for the new SHIELD TV bundle are live today, and it will officially be shipping on October 18th. It runs $179, down from the regular $199 price of the full bundle, and NVIDIA is still offering the Pro 500GB model, too.

There’s an option here for just about anyone looking to get into 4k streaming or gaming with NVIDIA, and as long as they keep regularly pushing out updates, all of these boxes are only going to keep getting better.

Preorder it now: NVIDIA

About the Author: Jared Peters

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