Western Digital announces new 400GB microSD card

The topic of whether a smartphone should have a microSD card slot or not is one that can draw some strong responses from consumers. Some are content to make do with large on-board storage provided by a device maker in favor of a more sealed, possibly more compact design. Others welcome the ability to stuff in ever larger amounts of memory to hold larger and more files and rely less on network connectivity. The latter camp may welcome the news that Western Digital is once again pushing the boundaries in the market with the announcement that they are now making available a 400GB microSD card.

According to Sven Rathjen, vice president for product marketing with Western Digital, “We continue to push technology boundaries and transform the way consumers use their mobile devices…By focusing on achieving new technology milestones, we enable consumers to keep up with their mobile-centric lifestyles with storage solutions they trust.”

Western Digital says they have topped their previous record of a 200GB microSD card by continuing to hone their design and production processes to increase the number of bits per die they are capable of manufacturing.

In addition to the large size, which Western Digital says is capable of holding 40 hours of full HD video, the cards are fast with transfer speeds of up to 100MB per second. At that speed, a user could transfer 1,200 photo per minute.

The new card, will be available for order directly from SanDisk.com or through major retailers for a suggested retail price of $249.99.

source: SanDisk

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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  • Hackhound

    I think you have your companies confused. The article says “Western Digital”, but the pictures show “Sandisk”.

    • Robert Froese

      Western Digital purchased Sandisk a while back; i do believe.

      • Hackhound

        Sir, I stand corrected.

  • Major_Pita

    While I applaud their achievement, I’ve been burned too many times by sudden failures of SanDisk MicroSD cards. Haven’t had any problems with Samsung and I’m perfectly fine with a 256GB EVO.