The Essential Phone is finally shipping out

Nearly 90 days ago, Essential wowed the world with their smartphone. It was supposed to ship not long after that, but as everyone probably knows, that didn’t exactly happen.

It’s taken a few months to iron the process out, but if you ordered an Essential Phone, you should be getting an email with tracking information very shortly. 

That’s great news for Essential, and great news for early adopters and anyone considering buying the phone now that it’s available. It’s not so great that the launch will now be overshadowed by the Galaxy Note 8 and the impending iPhone 8, both of which will likely command serious amounts of attention from reviewers and buyers, but maybe Essential managed to do something that will keep some of the spotlight.

We’ll find out over the next month or so.

source: Essential (Twitter)

  • Barleysoda

    What’s the definition of ”very shortly” because once again Essential lied and no one received a tracking number today as promised by an earlier tweet from Essential. Not one phone has shipped even though customers were charged days ago.

  • Lagnis

    Echoing @Barleysoda. My order was charged to my credit card on August 22. I reserved in early June. My experience with Essential Customer Experience Team isn’t promising. My shipment status inquiry was met with a question back to me “have you received any tracking info yet?” So, Essential is asking me to tell them the status of my order. NOT PROMISING FOLKS.

  • RonD45

    What’s my status? I ordered on the 12th. I got an email on the 16th that my phone had been built. I think this was an alternative fact! I gave shipping and payment info payment info on the 16th with promise it would be delivered in 7 days. It seems this was also an alternative fact! On the 22nd my CC was billed so I should have received shipping info. 7 days later and counting and still no shipping info. Sent an email to support to cancel order but got no response. It seems very, very dishonest to bill for the phone and not ship. I don’t care to do business with a company so questionable with the facts. Fact, I have decided I may buy an alternative phone. HTC U11 is a similar price, has #1 rated camera, 6G of Ram, SD card expansion, real QHD screen, waterproof, better + stereo speakers, and includes USB 3 ear buds that adjust to you ears. Only negative is larger and more Fragile. Essential thanks for helping me decide to get the better HTC U11!